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The T’ang Trio - Oyster, Lobster, and Chicken


Stir-fried lobster with spring onion, red onion, and shallots

Tang LobsterHaving met many top Chinese chefs, I have found that one thing they all emphasise is that the serving temperature of the food is far more important than the plating. Once the food leaves the wok, it should be brought out to diners without tampering too long on the plate. Similarly, Chef Kwong mentioned that he keeps his time on plating to a minimum as the temperature is the priority, especially for seafood like lobster.

I love this preparation of lobster, with subtle soy sauce savouriness and a fragrance of Chinese wine! This is what a good lobster course should be - simple cooking with a light sauce that does not mask the texture and flavour of fresh lobster. Why hide the true quality of good ingredients? A truly outstanding dish!

On paper, this appears to be an easy dish to cook, as the recipe has only three steps: fry the scallion and onions, add lobster and sauce, then serve! However, achieving such a result requires masterful technique in heating control of the wok and experience in using minimal seasoning to complement the delicate freshness of the lobster. After my experience of this lobster course, I wasn’t surprised that it received Hong Kong’s Best of the Best Culinary Award - Gold with Distinction.

Crispy salted chicken

Tang ChickenThough Chef Kwong’s is best known for his skills in seafood, one of his poultry dishes actually made it to my list of all-time favourites! This recipe requires trimming out the fat under the skin, then poaching the whole chicken in a superior broth containing conpoy, Yunnan ham, and dried shrimp, and finally holding up the chicken and gently dousing it with hot oil over and over again until the thin skin become golden and crispy. Definitely a good course to test the perseverance of young chefs!

The meat was soft and juicy with a superb flavour, while the paper-thin skin was crispy without being greasy at all! You just need to give me a bowl of rice and I can finish one whole chicken myself. If I could only choose one type of chicken preparation to eat for the rest of my life, it would be T’ang Court’s Crispy Salted Chicken!