Piazza Duomo, 意大利 » Soup crisp with seaweed powder
L'Enclume, 英国 » Cod "yolk" (cod mousse in saffron sphere) / garlic emulsion / salt & vinegar powder
Tippling Club, 新加坡 » "Tablets for cheesecakeholics"
Waku Ghin, 新加坡 » Botan shrimp / Sea urchin
Le Bernardin, 纽约 » Lobster / Sauce Americaine

Dec 2018Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester***, 伦敦

My most enjoyable Ducasse experience so far.
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May 2018Noma 2.0**, 丹麦

Probably the most influential restaurant of this decade.
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Feb 2018Sukiyabashi Jiro (すきやばし 次郎)***, 东京

Just go to his second son’s branch at Roppongi!
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Sept 2018T'ang Court (唐閣)***, 上海

The best restaurant in Shanghai according to Michelin.
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Mar 2018Le Palais (頤宮)***, 台北

Flambé duck! The world’s newest Michelin 3-star gets a thumbs-down for innovation!
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Dec 2017Ultraviolet***, 上海

An astonishing marriage of art, music and food!
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