Ristorante Bovio (previously Belvedere)

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Abalone and Shark’s Fin are considered as culinary delicacies in the Chinese culture. In the West, it is white truffle being described as the “diamond of the culinary world”. This rare fungus, also the most expensive food in the world, has a distinct flavour and intense aroma. Alba is one of the world's famous spots for white truffle hunting using dogs or pigs during the winter. To uncover the secrets behind this culinary treasure, we flew all the way to this small town in the Piedmont region of Italy to witness the hunting process and to enjoy the freshest white truffles. Located near Alba, Restaurant Belvedere serves a special menu during the white truffle season using the freshest ingredients to complement this delight.

About the Restaurant

Run by the Bovio family since the early 1960s, Ristorante Belvedere is one of the oldest restaurants in the Piedmont region. It offers traditional Piedmontese cuisine with the highest quality ingredients. The Belvedere restaurant stands on the site of the ancient castle of La Morra offering a stunning panoramic landscape of the Italian countryside.

About Our Meal

Only 10km away from Alba, Ristorante Belvedere served a stunning white truffle menu with six courses. The restaurant manager held a basket of fresh white truffles and he treated them with extreme care as they could be easily rotten. Each dish in this specially designed menu was to complement white truffles. For each course, the restaurant manager shaved a generous portion of uncooked white truffles, harvested the previous night or that very morning, on top of each dish at our table. This is the best way to experience white truffle so that its fragrance will waft and envelop the dish. The unique scent of white truffle was so intense. It simply takes your breath away… What a pinnacle of gourmet!