Ristorante Bovio (previously Belvedere)

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We each had a different fourth course. One was spaghetti and the other one was cheese ravioli, both with a generous quantity of white truffle shaved on top. The restaurant made their fresh pasta on a daily basis. The pasta is cooked “al dente”, an Italian phrase meaning “to the tooth”. It has a slight resistance when bitten into. It was simply fantastic, combined with delicate white truffle, what more can you ask for?

Cheese ravioli with white truffle of Alba

Veal with parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette

Our main course was slices of perfectly seared tender veal with balsamic vinaigrette. Unfortunately, the taste of veal with the concentrated balsamic was a little bit too strong to go with white truffle.

The Italian word for truffle is tartufo and one of the famous Italian wine regions is Barolo, which also located in this region. This led to a famous local Alba saying, “To eat, eat Tartufo; To drink, drink Barolo”, this course was hence accompanied with a glass of Gianfranco Bovio Rocchettevino Barolo 2001.

Our dessert was honey parfait. This subtly flavoured golden honey came from the blooms of acacia tree in Piedmont. Acacia honey has a high concentration of fructose and so it can remain in a liquid state for a long period of time. This dessert was lovely by itself, but with some white truffle enveloping it entirely, it became a treasure.

Acacia honey parfait

... with white truffle of Alba

We came here with one question in mind -- why is white truffle considered as the “diamond of the culinary” in western gastronomy? The incredible aroma escaped from each slice of truffle really speaks for itself. In addition, not only can this unusual fungus be found by skilled hunters and trained dogs, but also it cannot be cultivated. No wonder it is the most highly priced food in the world.