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The Cuisine of Paradise – 28 HuBin Road


Last Visit: Nov 2014
Month of This Review: Nov 2011

Shanghai is surrounded by many of the best-known scenic towns in China. A 40-minute train ride allowed us to escape the busy financial hub and arrive at HangZhou, a poetic city famous for its landscape as well as its cultural heritage. Here we saw no more streets packed with skyscrapers, but rather a landscape dominated by willow trees, pagodas, and of course one of the most picturesque spots in China, the West Lake.

Situated on the east bank of the lake, the Hyatt Regency has some of the most amazing rooms in the city offering stunning lake views. Although we were impressed by the natural scenery of this charming city even after a short stroll along the lakeside, what attracted us here was actually the restaurant on this hotel’s ground floor, which many consider it to be the best in China!

Just like a few other Hyatt hotel restaurants in China, the name of this restaurant is simply the address of the hotel, 28 HuBin Road. The entrance is dominated by an ancient Chinese horse cart which stands in contrast with a modern dining area while providing a sense of the traditional residential courtyard. Since HangZhou is renowned for its fine tea plantation, the meal began with a proper tea ceremony accompanied by an eye-appealing cold platter – crunchy enoki mushroom, crispy fried radish, smoky fish, aromatic beef, sweet sticky rice cubes with lotus root, and an amazing slow-poached quail egg with the yolk replaced by foie gras mousse. This selection of traditional and innovative appetizers was a real treat!

The menu had a wide range of dishes, but for a meal in a city so rich in culture, I was keen on sampling the classics of the region, like the Lady Song’s fish soup and the Dragon Well Shrimp.