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August 2023


November 2020
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About FDE

When I launched this website in 2007, my intention was simply to share my experiences of some of the world’s best restaurants with my friends and family. Not for a moment did I imagine that this hobby would become a life-long journey. Over the years, I have tasted, and fully documented, every dish served by hundreds of acclaimed restaurants in cities across six continents. In 2012, I was the first person to visit all restaurants on The World’s 50 Best, and my work has been featured in a range of publications, including The Guardian, The London Times, Forbes India, The New Yorker and Waraku. In 2017, a selection of my favourite dining experiences were translated into Mandarin, and the resulting book, 奢华餐影全球行 (Fine Dining Explorer), with contributions from some of the most celebrated chefs in the world, including Massimo Bottura and Joan Roca, is thought to be among the first in China to describe personal experiences of fine dining around the globe.

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