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The Cuisine of Paradise – 28 HuBin Road


It was a flawless meal. Even the simple braised cabbage was exceptional! The cabbage was precisely timed so that it was just soft enough to soak up all the flavours from the crab roe, transforming a plain vegetable into a delicacy! It was an example of a simple but perfect dish.

Much like the cold sampler that started the meal, the dessert was a platter combining both the traditional and the modern worlds. It was a thoughtful selection of desserts, in particular the crème brûlée of Dragon Well Tea, a notable variety of green tea that the city is renowned for, and the ice cream of Osmanthus, the city flower of HangZhou. There was no better way to make our journey more memorable than leaving these elegant flavours of the city on our palates!

We came across many top restaurants in China delivering good food but poor service. I was delighted to see that this wasn’t the case here. The staff were well trained and certainly understood that their job was not merely to bring food out to the table. We appreciated not only the smooth service throughout the meal, but also the legends behind many of the local classics told by the staff which made each dish come alive! This restaurant undoubtedly provides a comprehensive world class fine dining experience.

A famous Chinese saying, “Up there is heaven, down here is HangZhou”, what we had must be the cuisine of paradise! Albert Wong, the ex-Chairman of 50Best China Region, once suggested that 28 HuBin Road is probably the best restaurant in China. I would be surprised if there is a better one!