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The impact of World’s 50 Best on Amber


You must be now very comfortable with Amber. With Michelin 2-star and again on 50 Best, what aspects of the restaurant can you still improve?

I never feel 100% comfortable, as a restaurant like Amber is a constant work in progress towards a vision. The food always has room for improvement. I work closely with various local organic producers to improve the quality and consistency of each product. And there are always exceptional ingredients around the world waiting for me to source.

I always see areas for improvement, but it’s never easy to implement these changes. To motivate the entire team towards the vision is a challenging job. In addition, it is always necessary to adapt to a market without losing our integrity. Without a doubt, this is one of the most difficult challenges. I have done this many times, and Mandarin Oriental Group has been tremendously supportive and patient!

Another aspect is service. Mandarin Oriental has a strong Eastern service culture, and we are continuously working to improve our services. We want a restaurant that is not stuffy and where we anticipate the needs of our guests. We feel a restaurant is not limited to the experience of what you eat and drink. There are so many other aspects that combine to make a great dining experience. We are continuously fine-tuning these elements to ensure we deliver an incredible yet personalized experience.

I am sure Amber’s reservation line will be ringing non-stop once again for the next few days. Congratulations to Chef Ekkebus and his team!