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Pierre Gagnaire

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World’s 50 Best
3rd 2008
Last Visit: July 2011
Month of Review: May 2007

How can you not pay a visit to this “culinary magician” if you are in Paris next time? Using his own words, Pierre Gagnaire has made his restaurant “present now, looks at the future but cares about the past”. He has never stopped exploring and experimenting with new ideas, and always remains passionate and true to his objective of “giving pleasure through the art of cuisine”.

About the Chef

Pierre Gagnaire is already a celebrated chef since the early 80’s. Since 2001, Pierre Gagnaire, classically trained yet extremely talented in discovery of tastes, has been exchanging information and ideas with Hervé This, a molecular gastronomist. He always pursues new ideas and is never afraid of taking risks. With this philosophy in mind, he climbed to the top of the culinary tree, almost as if he is simply ahead of his time.

Pierre Gagnaire now has restaurants around the world from Hong Kong to Vegas. He is also the consulting chef for Sketch in London.

About the Restaurant

Pierre Gagnaire’s first restaurant, although achieved three Michelin stars, closed down in 1996 due to financial problems. With great determination, the chef opened this new restaurant at the Hotel Balzac. By 1998, he had all three Michelin stars back. That was just the beginning of a new era of success for this incredibly talented master chef. Things get better and better from that point on. In 2006, Pierre Gagnaire restaurant ranked the 3rd best restaurant in the world.

Entering through a relatively narrow and unremarkable door just to the right of the entrance of the Hotel Balzac and passing through the gloomy bar area, we reached the grey coloured wood dining room, which lacks the grandeur expected compare to other world class restaurants.