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Michel et Sébastien Bras

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World’s 50 Best
7th 2009
Last Visit: June 2010
Month of Review: May 2007

Michel Bras is the all-time-favourite chef with a high reputation in the culinary industry.  To experience his world-class cuisine, our exploration had to make a stop in the middle of France.  Accompanied by an ultra-modern setting overlooking the French countryside, Bras offered a dining journey that one could only dream of.

About the Chef
Voted as one of the ten most influential chefs in the world, Michel Bras interestingly never intended to become a chef. Partly through his science degree, his mother fell ill and he helped out his family’s country inn business. With his natural talent, he was soon drawn in.

The cuisine of Bras is rooted in Aubrac region in Laguiole, the area where he grew up. Locality is what his culinary style is all about.  His menus are defined by his relationship with the land and inspired by the change of the seasons.  His constant use of local ingredients and rare herbs and plants in the hillsides creates enormous surprise and joy.

Not only being an internationally renowned chef himself, Michel Bras has also been training his son Sebastien for the last ten years. The ladies of the family, Michel’s wife Ginette and his daughter-in-law Veronique, are always there to welcome you in the dining room.

About the Restaurant
After driving through meadow and forest, the landscape is broken up by a glass and steel complex situated on top of a hill.  This futuristic upscale design by architect Eric Raffy up on the Aubrac plateau offers a superb panoramic view of the countryside and has been housing Restaurant Bras since 1992.

Walking passed Bras gift shop and continuing along a classy hallway with running water on the side, we entered into their elegant dining area.  The spacious dining room with abundant natural light resembles a contemporary art museum with a moving Bras’s logo projected across the ceiling.  Even the candle on each table casts the shadow of their logo. Decorations were produced by local artists using local materials.