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Michel et Sébastien Bras

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About Our Meal
Our dream began in a stylish lounge.  While admiring the beautiful sunset and sipping away Bras’ 2007 seasonal cocktails, we were offered six different amuse-bouches: an egg sabayon; warm sesame bread stick; delicious duck and porcini tart; and a series of delicately arranged spoons containing red mullet, refreshing cereal and broccoli, and finally a perfectly balanced lamb pâté with mustard.

The first two courses were paired with a glass of sauvignon-semillon white wine, Bergerac Sec, Tour des Gendres 2005 – nice citrus and flo­­ral aroma.

Our colourful first course was the famous masterpiece gargouillou. With no doubt, this was the best vegetable dish on earth! We simply could not believe a “simple” salad could be that spectacular! But was it really simple? The kitchen would definitely not agree. As Veronique, the daughter-in-law of Michel Bras, explained to us, this salad was composed of more than 30 different local vegetables and herbs in season. Each vegetable was cooked separately in its own pot of water in order to reach its perfect cooking time; each vegetable was seasoned individually with a light, yet perfectly matched sauce to bring out its most natural flavour. You could truly enjoy each vegetable’s uniqueness -- its different colour, different aroma, different texture, different flavour … When combined together, the whole dish was totally harmonious.  For a moment, we realized that it was not too bad to be a vegetarian after all!  This breathtaking dish was simply a work of art, an inspiration from nature, a gift from heaven... It made us wanting to return to this restaurant again and again…

While still carried away by the previous dish, the second course arrived -- turbot with wild garlic and ham juice.  The meaty turbot was beautifully pan fried to its optimal, accompanied by a roasted leek cooked just like a continuation of the previous vegetable course.  The garlic and ham sauce smothering the fish was light enough to conserve the natural freshness of the fish.

Turbot with roast leek / garlic and ham juice

Seared foie gras / rhubarb confit / strawberry

Next came the foie gras with strawberry sauce and rhubarb jam, garnished by fresh slices of strawberry.  The foie was of high quality and firmly cooked.  The marriage of strawberry sauce and rhubarb jam tied brilliantly with the foie.  However, the fresh strawberry was a bit too acidic which destroyed the delicate richness of the foie gras.  Using a sweeter fruit as its companion would definitely be a better choice.  This course came with a glass of strong bitter-sweet wine - Gaillac doux, Causse Marines, Grain de Folie Douce 2005.