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Michel et Sébastien Bras

About the Chef and RestaurantAbout our MealPractical Info and Useful Tips

About the Service
Servers were professional and friendly to answer all you questions, as expected from a 3-Michelin star restaurant.  All courses were delivered in a timely fashion.  Servers were attentive and thoughtful.  All the cutleries here are custom-made for Bras.  They even have a utensil to hold your cutleries instead of resting them on the table!

Diners are welcome to use the lounge for a pre-meal cocktail or a post-meal coffee.  They are flexible in serving you amuse-bouche and petits-fours in the main dining room or in their spacious lounge. 

Practical Information
Michel et Sébastien Bras
12210 Laguiole (60km north of Rodez)
tel: +33 05 65 51 18 20

Open only from April to October.
Closed Monday all day, Tuesday and Wednesday lunch.

Evasion and Earth: €104
Discovery and Nature: €167
À la carte menu: About €50 appetizer and €60 main course

Useful Tips

  • Since the restaurant only open six months a year, the easiest way to secure a reservation is to complete the online reservation form in early January.
  • If you want a luxury holiday to accompany your extraordinary meal, you could stay in Bras’ Relais & Châteaux hotel from €200 per night.  It is more difficult to book a room than dinner due to a small number of rooms available.  Otherwise, you could stay in the Best Western hotel in Laguiole, only 6km away.
  • Laguiole is 50km north of Rodez, where only small airlines like Ryanair flies to.
  • After a short drive from Laguiole, you will spot the restaurant on top of a hill at distance. You will soon see a small road going up that hill on your left hand side. That is the only road leading to the restaurant.
  • Do stop by their gift shop during your meal break to have a glance at Bras’ product line, ranging from postcards of Bras’ famous dish to expensive Bras’ knife used during the meal.  Feel free to spend a few hundred euros to add an extra knife to your kitchen collection!