Image 1: Although we showed the taxi driver the exact address, he just dropped us off at Sanlitun (三里屯) and told us to find it ourselves! This is a big area and we struggled big time asking around and walking through the back of some commercial buildings before finding this place.

Image 2: The restaurant is part of the 1949 The Hidden City. As the name implies, this was an old site but restored to open up a group of stylish restaurants and nightclubs.

Image 3:

This is the entrance of Duck de Chine. Making a reservation is a must as this new duck place is one of the hottest restaurants in town, winning various "Best Duck of the Year" awards.

Image 4: This place is all about duck!

Image 5: I can feel that this must be a popular gathering place for expats. At the entrance is a Bollinger bar with walls of champagnes. Though this place is dominated by Traditional Chinese decor, I sense a strong ambience for Westerners. The dining room has a strong smell of cigarette and the toilet had a strong smell of vomit!

Image 6: Let's ignore the unpleasant impressions about the environment, we came here for one thing - Peking Duck! Once we ordered, they started bringing out the condiments for the duck.

Image 7: Started with a special duck plum sauce as the base, the waitress poured in a sesame & peanut sauce and topped by some garlic paste. With a quick swirl…

Image 8: This is the sauce for our Peking Duck. Very innovative! Like it so far.

Image 9: It's all duck theme here.

Image 10: Our duck roasted in fire oven. From what I read, this place combines the best of the French roastin technique with the best Chinese roastin technique resultin in the best Peking duck!

Image 11: Peking duck (CN¥238) craving on the tableside. We really couldn't wait to try out this "best duck in town"!

Image 12: It looked pretty good! The plate itself is funny, a duck looking back at his skins being eaten!

Image 13: The verdict -- disappointed! The skin wasn't crispy enough. The pancake was slightly too thick and too sticky! The only good thing was the sauce!

Image 14: Instead of pancake, they brought us some sesame puff bread.

Image 15: It's nice to have two different wrappings for the duck.

Image 16: We did try their duck dessert, also in duck form! It's a pastry of duck and lotus paste. Not a bad finish but this "best duck of the year" or "combination of French and Chinese roastin" was way overrated!

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