Image 1: Forum Restaurant (852) 2891 2555
This place is famous for the "Chinese cuisine ambassador" Yeung Koon Yat's abalone.

Image 2: We already had a dinner plan that night at the Micheline 2-star Shang Palace but we had one hour to kill, so we were just here for a quick snack.

Image 3: The size of dried abalone is measured by Head. 10-Head abalone means that one catty (斤 - about 600g) contains 10 abalones, i.e. one 10-Head abalone is 1/10 catty (about 60g). So, the smaller the number of Heads, the bigger the abalone and hence more expensive as you can see from the price list.

Image 4:

Along with shark fin and bird's nest, dried abalone is one of the Chinese delicacies.

Image 5:
We ordered 12-Head abalones and our waitress explained how dried abalones differ from fresh ones because dried ones tend to have a softer centre.

Image 6: We tried many Chinese delicacies in top Chinese restaurants throughout the years, but they didn't provide as much pleasure as Western delicacies, such as foie gras, truffle, or caviar. A bit disappointin!

Image 7: FYI, abalone shrinks to a fraction of its original size during the drying process. This photo was later taken in Tsukiji Market in Tokyo to illustrate the original size of fresh abalone. Some of them are 10 inches in diameter!

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