Image 1:
Located on the 4th floor of Four Seasons, the restaurant was fully booked when I called 2 weeks ahead for a weekend lunch table. After a long chat over the phone, I finally got squeezed into an earlier slot!

Image 2:
Grand lobby with a spiral staircase and a lot of sunlight with a harbour view.

Image 3: Chef: Chan Yan Tak
Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Image 4:
This place is the world's first Chinese restaurant to be awarded with Michelin 3-star!

Image 5:
Nice view from the dining room.

Image 6: It wasn't a long list of dim sum so with four of us, we managed to try most of them. The dim sum here have a modern twist using more fancy ingredients.

Image 7:
Streamed rice rolls with Groupa and preserved egg

Image 8:
Steamed shrimp and pork dumplings with conpoy (dried scallop)

Image 9:
Steamed lobster and scallop dumplings

Nothing wrong with the food here but nothing impressive either!

Image 10:
Steamed scallop dumplings with conpoy and vegetables

Image 11:
Steamed Shanghainese pork dumplings with crab meat
Very eater friendly soup dumpling with this little gadget avoiding the need of picking it up using chopsticks.

Image 12:
Crispy tofu sheets rolls with shrimps, sea lavender and garlic

Image 13:

This whole abalone puffs with diced chicken is a more exquisite dim sum that I never had it at any other places. Probably the best item of our lunch.

Image 14:
Roasted goose puffs with chestnut

Image 15:
Barbecued pork buns with pine nuts

Image 16: For dessert, we had the more innovative Deep Fried Green Tea Sesame Balls which was weird rather than tasty...

Image 17: ...and the classic Baked Puffy Milk Tart

The lunch was about USD$30 per head. We were all puzzled after this meal - the best Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong according to Michelin!?

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