Image 1:
Located near Lan Kwai Fong, this restaurant is famous for its Roasted Goose.
We had their Deluxe Award Winning tastin HKD$780(USD$100) for two.

Image 2: Amuse Bouche
A very traditional Cantonese starter, preserved duck egg using clay, ash, salt, and rice. This kind of egg is not my favorite but this one was done perfectly - creamy yolk with a light odor. Brilliant!

Image 3: Roasted Goose and Preserved Trotter with Soy Sauce
Gold with Distinction 2002 - Best Culinary Awards of Hong Kong
It was nice but there are many other places in HK with good roasted goose as well.

Image 4: Deep Fried Prawn with Mini Crab Roe
Gold with Distinction 2002 - Best Culinary Awards of Hong Kong
Inside the crispy spring roll wrapping was prawn stuffed with crab roe. Excellent texture and flavour!

Image 5:

The prawn dish was accompanied by a cute tiny crab.

Image 6:
Abalone with Dried Wild Mushroom in Superior Soup
A very nice broth but the portion was a little too big. We were almost full after this soup.

Image 7:

Steamed Grouper with Chinese ham
Perfectly steamed fish with a touch of saltiness from the ham.

Image 8:

Wonton Noodles
The noodle itself was nice but the wonton was average.

Image 9:

The tastin menu ended with a Mango Pudding.

Image 10:

We ordered an additional dessert just to test out one of the popular Hong Kong pastries - Egg Tart. Warm puffy tart filled with velvet egg custard. Wow, it was a really good finish to our lunch!

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