Image 1: Chef: Christophe Saintagne
The restaurant is located in one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris, Plaza Athénée, with huge crystal chandeliers in the high-ceiling dining room.

Image 2:
Collection: €360 À la carte menu: About €220 for 3-course
Open Thursday and Friday for lunch; Monday to Friday for dinner.

Image 3: We were there when Christophe Moret was in charge of the kitchen. As expected, service is impeccable in Ducasse's flagship - menu holders on the table and a small stool for lady's handbag.

Image 4:
Amuse Bouche

Image 5:
Salted butter in an inverted-cone shape.

Image 6:
Unsalted butter with the Ducasse symbol.

Image 7:
Langoustines crowned with oscietra caviar and an aromatic consommé on the side. An extensive use of caviar!

Image 8:
A cool presentation where the Spider crab soup is served on its shell!

Image 9:
Remaining spiky crab shell.

Image 10:
Though nothing extraordinary, the Brittany lobster with green asparagus was delicious with high quality ingredients.

Image 11:
A foamy refreshment prior to main course.

Image 12:
The famous Bresse chicken with morel mushroom cream. The thigh was moist and flavourful; the breast was soft and juicy.

Image 13:
A very rich but delectable dish of squab with foie gras.

Image 14:
It came with a side dish.

Image 15:
Cheese trolley before the dessert.

Image 16:
For dessert, we ordered the classic - Ducasse's famous "Baba au rhum" dessert served in his Louis XV in Monte Carlo.

Image 17:
And finally a simple crème brulée with panna cotta and ice cream.

Image 18:
A selection of pastries and macarons.

Image 19:
And various ganache.

Image 20: Final touch from our server - rose infused water for our fingers!

It was a high class dining experience but it came with a high price!

Image 21:
Well, at least they offered us a selection of sweets from the trolley to take home!

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