Image 1: Jean-François Piège has left the restaurant in 2009. This note is now for historical purpose only.

Located on the Place de la Concorde at the foot of the Champs-Élysées.

Image 2: This is one of the oldest luxury hotels.

Image 3: The place had some famous historical customers including Marie Antoinette, Roosevelt, and Charlie Chaplin. More recent ones include Schwarzenegger, Mariah Carey, and Madonna.

Image 4: Lounge area with a walk out garden.

Image 5: As usual, we ordered the tasting menu.

Image 6: For amuse bouche, foccacia with salmon and avocado.

Image 7: The dining room is filled with crystal chandeliers and decorated in marbles.

Image 8: A complex first course to start. On the top left was a carrot mustard juice. Then a chicken liver and crawfish velouté, a liquid-centred cod ball, and a tuna cream crispy roll with truffled butter.

Image 9: The tasting menu includes the chef's signature: Langoustines 3-way with caviar!

Image 10: Langoustines tempura

Image 11: Langoustines sashimi and lemongrass consommé

Image 12: Langoustines sushi and mousse

Image 13: Turbot with ginger and mustard cream

Image 14: A very foamy carrot purée!

Image 15: A short break before the main course. As expected, the hotel is full of luxurious displays.

Image 16: Tomato and fried onion with white bean paired with three different parts of Bresse chicken: Rib, breast, and thigh.

Image 17: Another choice of main is a simple poached sea bass...

Image 18: with a diced squid in a seafood consommé on the side.

Image 19: An optional cheese course from their cheese cart.

Image 20: Dessert - A chocolate banana cake in a sugar wrapping.

Image 21: A mint ice cream bar coated with chocolate and nuts.

Image 22: A unique looking "rhubart ice cream cage" topped with baby strawberry.

Image 23: Chocolate dip with sparkling sugar!!

Image 24: A large selection of fresh tea.

Image 26: Petits-fours
Raspberry palmier, lemon cake, and rhubart macaron

Image 27: Petits-fours
Chocolate pyramid with nut

Image 28: This was a weird petits-fours. Hold the ribbon and break the wrapping with your teeth, then let it explode in your mouth and finally suck the cream and chocolate.

Image 29: A freezing cold ice mint sweet to finish the meal.

Image 30: Bread as a souvenir?!

Overall, as expected from a Haute cuisine: superb food, luxurious setting, top-notch service!

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