Image 1: This successful establishment started by Vittorio Cerea in 1966.

Image 3: This charming boutique hotel is also listed in Relais & Châteaux.

Image 4: Chef: Enrico and Roberto Cerea
Vittorio's Traditional: €160 (2010)
À la carte menu: Appetizer €60; First course €35; Second course €60
Closed on Wednesday and August.

Image 5: The restaurant got its first Michelin star in 1970, second in 1996, and finally achieved the full three in 2010!

Image 6: Upscaled dining room

Image 7: Cocktails for amuse bouche to begin our evening.

Image 9: Under the basil foam was an aubergine croquette - a warm melting centre enclosed by a thin and crispy shell. A nice start to our meal!

Image 10: Ham with mousse of soft cheese

Image 11: Bread sticks

Image 12: The first course was a stimulating mojito marinated tuna tartare with tomato and avocado underneath. The mojito consisted of lime, sugar cane and mint. It needed much more mint though!

Image 13: Covered in a passion fruit foam were...

Image 14: couscous with a moist sweet prawn and tangy matchsticks of green apple. The combination of flavour and texture was superb!

Image 15: Very innovating food at this place. Here, a red mullet tempura roll with vegetable purée, tomato, and honey mustard. I didn't know all these would blend that well together. I was also surprised at the quality of their fresh seafood as the restaurant os not close to the sea at all!

Image 16: Another creative course and it was the best course of the meal. This meaty, juicy, perfectly timed rock lobster was accompanied by a nest of al dente linguine with a drizzle of coffee sauce! It was a mild sauce with an attractive hint of coffee. They really do produce good food here!

Image 17: A very aromatic turbo dish with an intense fragrance of raw greens composed of green pea purée, pea crouton, pea merigue, baby beansprout, and pea foam! The lovely smell resembling grass gave us a sense of the spring! An excellent course!

Image 18: Our manager said this course was their signature: Deep fried seafood - crayfish, prawn, calamari, white bait, ayu, langoustine, mint, red pepper, pineapple...

Image 19:
...and soft shell crab

Image 20: The first few bites was great, but it was too filing and too greasy to have that much deep fried stuff at once! We both left half untouched!

Image 21: A refreshing chilled wet towel.

Image 22: A quick tour of the kitchen toward the end of the service.

Image 23: A separate party hall that holds 100+ diners.

Image 24: Wine cellar

Image 25: Back to our table, there was a unique ice sculpture of bottle with tea inside. What a "cool" refreshment!

Image 26: I guess this is the real "Iced Tea"!

Image 27: Dessert Buffet?! The first time ever in our life having a dessert buffet in a 3-star restaurant! This definitely saved a lot of plating work in the kitchen.

Image 28: It had a chocolate fountain along with a variety of fruits.

Image 29: We sampled various confections - pistachio, passion fruit, raspberry, banana, and coconut.

Image 30: Rum baba

Image 31: Crème brûlée

Image 32: A whole trolley of petits-fours

Image 33: Overall, the place is lovely; the seafood is high quality; the only let down was the signature dish.

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