Using fresh produces from his own farm, Le Peracciole, it is where the gulf of Naples meets the gulf of Salerno. Iaccarino creates simple Mediterranean cuisine showcasing fruits and vegetables from his farm along with the fresh seafood in the region.   Underneath the restaurant is an underground tunnel of ancient Roman cave where it’s now used to age cheese and as a wine cellar.

The traditional tasting menu consists of many elaborate dishes that highlighted the local ingredients like sweet prawn and lobster.  In the seasonal menu, it offers more innovative dishes like rose pasta with eel ice cream and veal with balsamic and cinnamon.  Every dish was cooked to perfection providing a world class dining experience.

His wife and two sons give a family touch to the warm hospitality.  This is a place for a special occasion, and I would recommend a stay overnight in one of the rooms upstairs to complete this unforgettable journey.

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