Image 1: Chef: Annie Féolde
Degustation Menu: €250
À la carte: About €90 first course, €90 for second and €100 for main
Closed Sunday to Wednesday lunch and August.

Image 2:
This restaurant shares the same entrance with the 5-star Hotel Relais Santa Croce.

Image 3:

Main dining area

Image 4: They have a mezzanine level which is more private with only a handful of tables.

Image 5: One of the largest wine cellars in the world. Other than a detailed water menu, they have two "telephone book size" wine lists with premium wine pairing which costs €10,000 per person and requires a minimum of 2 people!!! We ordered one of the cheapest bottles on the list for €300 - 2004 Guligny-Montrachet 1er cru, Les Floatieres, Domain Leflaire.

Image 6:
A crunchy olive to start.

Image 7:
Followed by pistachio cookies, foie gras mousse rolls, and red fruit onion tarts.

Image 8:
And fried pasta with mozzarella

Image 9:
Cabbage bread

Image 10:
And one final amuse bouche before our 10-course meal: Braised celery root with lentil and licorice.

Image 11: Sea scallops with herbs and bell pepper; endive salad tossed with hazelnut oil and marinated “Sot l’y laisse” (a small chicken delicacy)

Image 12:
Covered in shavings of Alba's truffle was...

Image 13: Poached egg with Jamaican pepper, with Parmesan cheese fondue, sliced pancetta and zucchini cream. The seductive truffle, the runny yolk, and the melting parmesan underneath, definitely the best of the meal!

Image 14: Rock lobster cooked in red wine, with carrot purée, fresh rosemary and caramelized fruit. A simple dish but that was all it needed for such a fresh seafood.

Image 15: Unfortunately, the peak of the meal was really over. A soup course of porcini mushroom and the rest of the meal was just ordinary.

Image 16: “Agnolotti” filled with polenta and tossed with scampi, small candied tomatoes, black olives and oregano

Image 17: Handmade tagliatelle filled with ricotta cheese and basil, served with chanterelle mushrooms, mozzarella and capers

Image 18:
Mackerel fillet with black cabbage. On the side are polenta, dry apricots and salmon roe

Image 19:
Lamb shoulder cooked in the oven, with asparagus tips and sesame seeds.

Image 20: Pigeon flavoured with thyme and garlic; squashed potatoes, black pepper and chicken liver sauce. None of these courses really stood out!

Image 21:
Fresh lime meringue and crispy macaron

Image 22: An interesting artwork illustrating a mouse going through a maze to get the cheese!

Image 23:
The Labyrinth: banana plum cake, coffee mousse filled with chocolate

Image 24:

The mouse is a coffee bean. A very unique looking dessert indeed!

Image 25: Three types of petits-fours - a sugar puff, lemon white chocolate, and mint dark chocolate.

Image 26: A fruity digestif to finish the meal.

Image 27: They offered us almond cakes to bring home at the end. From the whole tasting menu, there was only one course I liked, the poached egg. In short, it was an expensive but ordinary meal.

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