Image 1: Located in one of the smallest alley in Kyoto. It is hard to believe that this tiny shop serving just beef offal would ended up to be one of my most memorable meals in my life! Great flavours with fascinating textures is what this meal is all about!

Image 2: Chef Yoshikatsu believes that any part of the animal can be delicious IF it is prepared right. He opened up a restaurant to prove his point. This is my second time visiting after 8 years. Since the restaurant still exist but local customers coming back time after time, I guess he has proved his point! I am glad to see him still continuing his routine with a passion day after day for more than a decade now.

Image 3: This is the photo from 8 years ago!

Image 4: The restaurant is as big as the photo shows.

Image 5: The menu is basically the same, but now they have a smaller version with different languages: English, Chinese, and Korean.

Image 6: Cold tendon with ponzu dressing

Image 7: Braised artery in soy sauce

Image 8: Cow's reticulum (second stomach) with sesame sauce

Image 9: Meat ball made with tongue

Image 10: Grilled diaphragm meat seared with mustard

Image 11: Seared liver

Image 12: Oxtail with soy and star anise

Image 13: Grilled courses… (This photo is from this visit. He still looks as young as 8 years ago!)

Image 16: Lymph gland

Image 17: Meat under the tongue

Image 18: Meat below the breast

Image 19: Beef cheek

Image 20: Slice of tongue quick poached in beef stock

Image 21: Somen in beef soup

Image 22: Last bite was a yuzu sorbet. What a "head to tail" eating experience! It is remarkable for a chef to create a tasting menu out of what most people would considered as rubbish! Truly amazing! Come here... this place will change your view of eating offal forever!

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