Image 1: This restaurant is located in an upscale residental area about a 10-minute walk from Grand Hyatt.

Image 2: Kanda 03-5786-0150 3-6-34 Moto-Azabu, Minato-ku
Closed on Sunday and holidays

Image 3: It's a small restaurant with 8 counter seats and one private room. We ordered the expensive menu, about USD$200 per head.

Image 4: Started off with a tasty chilled appetizer - cucumber jelly with egg tofu underneath.

Image 5:
Then two slices of abalone. Seemed like a very simple dish!

Image 6:
Just three slices of sea bream sashimi.

Image 7: A clear broth with fish cake covered in a thin slice of cucumber topped with a sticky rice noodle.

Image 8: This was the second best item of the night - eel sushi. Basically, a rice ball wrapped inside a whole barbecue eel.

Image 9: A very traditional Japanese smoked fish. Wow, the fish could stand on its own! The whole fish is edible, from head to tail. Unfortunately, it wasn't good at all, just crunchy bitterness!

Image 10:
Resting in a gluey scallion gravy is a meatball covered by a thin lotus root.

Image 11:
Time for shabu shabu. Hotpot containing tofu and vegetables.

Image 12:
And some finely chopped fish and mushroom to be cooked by ourselves.

Image 13: Finally something more filling and the best dish of the evening. A TINY ball of rice with fatty beef, crowned with a potato ginger foam. The beef simply melted in our mouth, but it was way too small!

Image 14: Dessert already?! Come on, not enough food.
Mango custard with a layer of concentrated milk. At least they used very good mango here, fresh with an intense flavour.

Image 15:

Just a cup of green tea.

Image 16: Final item of the night, a ginger ice cream.

Well, the service was reasonably smooth but a rather expensive and bland meal. The worst was that we weren't full at all!

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