Image 1: We called a month ahead but they were already fully booked for the week that we were in town. But luckily, they had a last minute cancellation while we were there so we skipped our prepaid tour that night suffering a lost of USD$100!

Image 2:
Nakahigashi 075-752-3500

Image 3:
Similar to many Japanese restaurants we visited, it is a small restaurant with about 10 counter seats plus a private room upstairs.

Image 4:
Choice of 10, 15, or 18K Yen menu. Yes, we picked the 18K Yen menu.

Image 5:
Very colourful first course.

Image 6:
It consisted of corn paste, seaweed, eggplant, olive, pepper, trout sushi with numbing peppercorn seed, and markerel sandwiched in slices of turnip.

Image 7:
A small bowl containing sesame tofu with wintermelon underneath.

Image 8:
Busy grilling fish.

Image 9:
Chilled soba with raw egg white and Japanese white taro garnished with seaweed.

Image 10:
We had two fish courses coming up.

Image 11:
Grilled fish with tomato and pepper. We didn't like it at all.

Image 12:
The chef removed the bone and grilled separately. We didn't like this either -- it was just crunchy bitterness!

Image 13:
Sashimi course of sea bream

Image 14:
The raw fish is to be eaten with tomato jelly, ginger mousse, and numping green peppercorn. Quite a sensational sashimi course.

Image 15:
A delicate course of abalone with vinegrette and citric gel.

Image 16:
A vegetable soup containing "fat choy" (a hair-like Chinese vegetable.)

Image 17:
Despite the look, this dish was tasty. It was kind of like mushroom pâté.

Image 18:
An unusual course -- the chef called it Japanese risotto with plum vinagrette.

Image 19:
Brasied eggplant with white miso sauce topped with some fried eggplant skin.

Image 20:
Oyster jelly

Image 21:
It had slices of actual oyster inside.

Image 22:
The chef was very friendly. He tried his best to explain us each course.

Image 23: Grilled sea eel. Here they used a bigger type of eel which offered a different texture, but it was dominated by bitterness from the over-grilled skin! Also, we left a lot of onion on the plate and the chef found that upsetting!

Image 24:
A course of wild mushrooms.

Image 25:
Japanese traditional rice set

Image 30:
Roasted rice

Image 31:
The usual practice for customers is to make their next reservation while eating there. That's the easiest way for a guaranteed booking.

Image 32:
A dessert consisted of basil ice cream with a touch of balsamic vinegrette, tofu, melon, red bean, sweet water jelly, and watermelon.

Image 33: Japan cheese, chocolate, 5-years old coffee liquor

I really hoped that I could say it was worth paying our USD$100 tour cancellation fee to come for this meal!

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