Image 2: 03-3583-7852 1-5-4 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku
Closed on Sunday, mid-August and Christmas period.

Image 4: This restaurant is in its 5th generation and they even have a branch in Paris!

Image 5: Interesting cup pad with the name of the generations.

Image 6: The basic menu costs USD$50 but you can get an extra egg custard course for USD$50 and an extra eel with caviar course for another USD$50. I went for the full menu!
Appetizers consisted of tuna sashimi, eel terrine, and an eel ball.

Image 7: Charcoal grilled eel at the bottom with a sweet soy eel jelly on top. It's like barbecue eel but a chilled jelly version. Cool!

Image 8: Minced eel ball was pretty good as well. The juice kept it moist.

Image 9: Sirayaki - eel without sauce

Image 11: This is the course suggested by the Michelin Guide for an extra USD$50.

Image 12: Spreading out the wasabi, then topped with caviar, dusted with salt or a quick dip in soy sauce.

Image 13: Looks great but it was a total waste of caviar (and money). The strong flavour of this soft-creamy eel dominated our palate. We could feel neither the taste nor the texture of the caviar!

Image 15: For another USD$50 extra, an egg custard with strips of seaweed garnish.

Image 16: It was layered with eel in the middle and ...

Image 17: ... shark's fin at the bottom. What's the point of putting shark's fin here?!

Image 18: Main course

Image 19: Eel and rice served separately.

Image 20: There were three portions of eel. (Note that the basic menu has only one portion served on rice.)

Image 22: Also came with a umami-rich soup with eel liver.

Image 23: Final course, a very ordinary melon - not as juicy as I expected. I guess we shouldn't compare it to the one we had in Tsuruya.
Overall, the eel here was excellent and the basic menu is good value, but do NOT order the menu with caviar or shark's fin!

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