Image 1: Situated in the Kuromon market, this place specialises in kushikatsu, breaded and deep-fried skewers.

Image 2: 06-6633-1302 Takoso Building 2F, 1-21-16 Nipponbashi
Closed in mid-August and Christmas period.

Image 4: Once you are seated, they will bring you an array of sauce: mustard & lemon, soy sauce, BBQ & mustard, BBQ sauce, spicy and regular salt.

Image 5: For USD$70, you get unlimited salad plus 20 skewers and a dessert. The interesting part of the salad was the stick of white vegetable which has a pear texture, a bit sticky, but tasteless.

Image 6: Our server said many people asked about this vegetable and it is called yacón. He took one out from the kitchen!

Image 7: The skewer is placed pointing to the sauce recommended by the chef.

Image 8: The first item from this all-deep-fried meal was a prawn.

Image 9: If the skewer is pointed upward, it means no sauce is needed but you can squeeze a few drops of lemon juice if you like.

Image 10: Vegetable ball

Image 11: Bamboo shoot with salt

Image 12: Beef with BBQ sauce

Image 13: Scallop with soy sauce...

Image 15: Vegetable leaves topped with a herby sauce...

Image 16: Very bitter!

Image 17: Fish Cake with salt...

Image 19: Seven down, thirteen more to go.

Image 20: Pork with BBQ sauce...

Image 22: Octopus with soy sauce...

Image 24: This is one of their signature skewers...

Image 25: Mashed green pea. It was creamy, but nothing special at all! Only half way done and it started to get boring!

Image 26: This is the best item of the meal using mustard and lemon as the sauce.

Image 27: The stuff on top looked like caviar, felt like caviar, but it was actually something called tonburi. It is the seed of burningbush or ragweed and some people call it "land caviar"!

Image 28: Inside was fish with oba leaf.

Image 29: A popular river fish Ayu.

Image 30: You just pull the meat out and the bone stays behind.

Image 32: Konnyaku and fish with BBQ sauce...

Image 33: Konnyaku is made with a type of yam, tasteless but a strong elastic texture!

Image 34: Mussel with soy sauce...

Image 35: I wasn't full at all but it became difficult to continue - just too much fried stuff at once!!

Image 36: Let's see how many more...

Image 37: Another fish and you can eat the head too!

Image 38: Lotus root stuffed with minced beef with BBQ sauce...

Image 40: Sixteen down, only four more!!!

Image 41: Salmon and maha with mustard and lemon...

Image 43: Another fish stuffed with vegetable and sprinkled with salt...

Image 45: Fish and lotus root with soy sauce...

Image 47: Finally, our server said this was the last one!
With salt...

Image 48: Fava bean.

Image 49: They served homemade bread at the end to fill your stomach.

Image 50: So glad to see some desserts. We desperately needed a change of taste and no more deep fried food for the next 2 weeks! From left to right: Green tea ice cream, raspberry milk pudding, chocolate and meringue.

Image 51: With caramel panna cotta underneath.

Simple conclusions from our meal - We will never do this again!

Image 52: A souvenir on the table and I thought it was a box of matches.

Image 53: But it was actually toothpicks!

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