Image 1: We visited their original location in Brooklyn for a Sunday lunch. Many celebrities and politicians would make a stop here while in NYC.

Image 2: This place has been voted as the best steakhouse in town every year for more than a quarter of the century. Definitely one of the most casual Michelin starred restaurants and they used to accept cash only until recent years.

Image 3: This was their signature sauce. You could use it for the fries, the steak, or anything you want.

Image 4: Didn't take us long to decide -- it was all about their USDA Prime (BMS 5) dry-aged meat. We ordered a porterhouse for two to share. It was a massive piece of meat!

Image 5: We had it medium rare. It was a flavourful well seasoned tender piece of juicy steak. No doubt it was one of the best steak we had! FYI, good steak in US means meaty but tender, juicy, and with good flavour. This is very different than premium steak in Japan (e.g. Kobe or Matsusaka beef) which is prized for being soft and well marbled.

Image 6:
The waitress suggested us not to miss the popular fried onion rings.

Image 7:
And also the their cheese cake to finish.

Image 8:
With lots of cream.

Image 9: Our bill came with some chocolate golden coins! A very enjoyable, and full, Sunday lunch. Since there wasn't many option available on Sunday in the city, this place was ideal for us!

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