Image 1: Chef: Wylie Dufresne
Tasting menu: $125 (10+ course)
À la carte menu: About $15 appetizer and $30 main course
Dinner only. Open seven days a week.

Image 2: A molecular gastronomic meal in a casual environment. It was a meal full of imaginative dishes with intelligent twists.

Image 3: Salmon Threads
Wild Rice / Jackfruit / Wood Sorrel
Unique flavour from jackfruit along with a stimulating texture from the powdery but crispy salmon!

Image 4: Carrot-Coconut "Sunny-side up"
It wasn't an egg at all. SEE THIS! What a surprise!
Vouvray Brut 'Methode Traditionnelle' Champalou NV (Loire, France)

Image 5: Foie Gras Terrine
Candied Olives / Green Peas
Chateau Bela Riesling Egon Muller 2003 (Sturovo, Slovakia)

Image 6:
Wow, the foie gras was filled with a surprising beet juice inside!

Image 7: Crab "Roll"
Black Bean / Mint / Pickled Ginger
The sauce was actually very light without overshadowing the delicate crab.
Traminer 'Alisos Vineyard' Palmina 2005 (Santa Ynez Valley, CA)

Image 8: Beef Tongue / Fried Mayo
After 3 months of research work, the only kitchen in the world who can produce Fried Mayo. And trust me, the tongue wasn't disgusting at all
Traminer 'Alisos Vineyard' Palmina 2005 (Santa Ynez Valley, CA)

Image 9:
Miso Soup & Self-Squeezed Noodle
Moulin-a-Vent Domaine Diochon 2005 (Beaujolais, France)

Image 10:
The paste contains Sesame and Tofu.

Image 11:
They use a unique substance which turns into jelly when it is hot instead of cold!
Very entertaining course!

Image 12: Smoked Eel
Peanuts / Snow Peas / Whipped Caramel
Shiraz 'The Guilty' Shinas Estate 2004 (Victoria, Australia)

Image 13: Spring Lamb
Carob / Honeydew / Fava Beans
Shiraz 'The Guilty' Shinas Estate 2004 (Victoria, Australia)
This is what I like about this place. Lamb and honeydew, odd but I did like it!

Image 14: Ocean Trout / Tomato-Chickpea
Cucumber / Pita Puree / Falafel Spices

Image 15:
Eggplant / Cinnamon / Thai Basil

Very aromatic pre-dessert!

Image 16: Mussel-Olive Oil Soup
Water Chestnut / Orange Zest

Image 17: Menthol Mousse / Lemon Balm / Chartreuse
The menthol provided a cooling tongue-sensation! Most stimulating dessert ever!
Moscato D'Asti Tintero Elvio 2005 (Piedmonte, Italy)

Image 18: Soft Chocolate
Avocado / Licorice / Lime
Look at the texture of this unique chocolate!
Commanderia St.John NV (Lemesos, Cyprus)

Image 19: "Fluorescent" Chocolate (Birthday) Cake
A candle wrapped inside the caramel to create this glowing tube. Very clever!

Image 20: Petits-Fours
Corn caramels with an edible wrapping!
Fun meal, a very fun meal! It was obvious that each creation involved sophisticated thoughts. Well done!

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