Image 1: Chef: Eyvind Hellström
In 2009, chef Hellström along with his team left the restaurant due to a conflict with the owner. This note is now for historical purpose only.

Image 2: Bagatelle was the only Michelin 2-star restaurant in the country.

Image 3: Every night, they open a set of new bottles of wine to pair with each course of the tasting menu. Impressive!

Image 4:
Amuse Bouche
Ginger and cucumber sorbet / Corn and ham

Image 5:
Amuse Bouche
Lollipop of rosemary meringue

Image 6:
Mussel cappuccino

Image 7:
Diver scallop on its shell à la plancha

Image 8:
An arrangement of clams, root vegetables, and black truffles covered by a parmesan foam.

Image 9:
A soup consisted of red peppers and puree of kidney beans

Image 10: A suprème pan-fried Lofoten Cod resting on white asparagus and saffron-orange broth.

Image 11:

Lime and thyme ice to clean our palates before the main.

Image 12:
Pigeon smothered by a fig and red wine reduction.

Image 13: A perfectly roasted pork sitting on glazed chestnut with a light mousseline sauce.

Image 14:
A wide selection of French cheese.

Image 15:
As a substitute for the cheese, a selection of fruit sorbet.

Image 16:
Dessert containing layers of coffee cream and milk chocolate

Image 17:
Our final dessert, poached pear with mango sorbet. It was a high quality meal. We were very satisfied with every course of the menu!

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