Image 1:
The restaurant closed in October 2013. This album is now for historical purpose only.

Located in the heart of Helsinki, the restaurant is the best Michelin restaurant in the country as there is no Michelin 3-star in Finland.

Image 2: Chef: Hans Välimäki

Image 3:
Amuse Bouche
A foamy version of traditional Greek salad.

Image 4: Surprise: €169(9-course) €139(6-course)
À la carte: €45 for starter and €60 for main
Closed on Sunday.

Image 5:
This must be the chef's transformation of sushi - marinated herring with sweet carrot purée

Image 6:
Bacon Ice Cream! Wow, I have no idea how he incorporates such an intense bacon flavour to ice cream! Very entertaining!

Image 7:
The ice cream was served with a creamy asparagus spinach soup. I like this course a lot!

Image 8: A delicate arrangement of crisp, mousse, ice cream, foam, and pasta made with asparagus and parmesan. Must be a very labour intensive dish. The parmesan was just light enough not to disturb the freshness of the vegetable. An excellent course!
Pazo Señorans Albariño, Rías Baixas, Spain 2006

Image 9: The best course of the evening - at the bottom was a superb terrine of oyster, salmon, and octopus, then beautifully garnished with sweet pepper, garlic sorbet and saffron ice cream. The sweetness from the ice cream, the freshness from the salmon, the texture of the octopus, and the refreshing garlicky sorbet along with the oyster's sea-saltiness - what a brilliant dish!
Pouilly Fumé Les Roches, Loire Valley 2005

Image 10: Every dish here was complex and this one was no exception - veal sweetbread with onion and truffle foam. Though nothing comparable with the previous course, it was perfectly glazed with a wonderful texture.
Engelgarten, Marcel Deiss, Alsace 2004

Image 11: An alternative to the sweetbread was roasted arctic halibut and langoustine with tarragon sauce, asparagus, and spinach underneath. Unfortunately, both the langoustine and the spinach were way too salty.
Saint Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly, Olivier Leflaive, Burgundy 1995

Image 12: A palate cleanser before the main meat. A shot glass containing granite with lime leaf and soda. Very refreshing... it was like a sparkling Nestea but stronger in tea flavour.

Image 13: The main course was Anjor pigeon breast and leg with crispy caramelized olive crust. Accompanied by chestnut, baby onion, drizzled with a blueberry reduction.
Aloxe-Corton, Olivier Leflaive, Burgundy 2002

Image 14:
Buttermilk and honey as the cheese course
Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles, Domaine Marcel Deiss, Alsace 2000

Image 15: Innovative creation makes a meal fun! Here, a modern interpretation of strawberry margarita! An airy frozen custard made with strawberry, tequila and lime juice. A great transition from savoury to sweet.

Image 16: A fruity pre-dessert consisted of popcorn, strawberry, red currant, pineapple and berries.
Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Domaine des Bernardins, Rhône 2006

Image 17: And CHOCOLATE as the final plate. A chocolate ravioli topped with chocolate ice cream accompanied by chocolate mousse, cubes of chocolate jelly, and a chocolate Madeleine. Wow, it was chocolate in five preparations!
Recioto della Valpolicella, Brigaldara, Italy 2004

Image 18: Lastly, a vivid tray of petits-fours.

Overall, it was a decent meal with many clever original twists!

Image 19:

A few warm Madeleines for tea.

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