Image 1: Chef: Christer Lingstrom Unfortunately, chef Lingstrom retired in 2009 and this note is now for historical purpose only.
Located in the outskirt of Stockholm is one of Sweden's oldest restaurant serving guest since 1626. It is the best Michelin restaurant in the country as there is no Michelin 3-star in Sweden.

Image 2:
The restaurant is a traditional family house with each room converted into a dining area.

Image 3: Seasonal: SEK1200 for 8-course and SEK950 for 5-course
À la carte menu: About SEK300 for starters and SEK400 for main.
Open Monday to Friday for dinner and full day Saturday. Closed 3 weeks in July and 2 weeks from Christmas.

Image 4:

Champagne cocktail with gold leaf on a floating rose paddle.

Image 5: Amuse Bouche
A shot-glass layered with horseradish jelly at bottom, a mini-filet of char in the middle, and a leek mousse on top. In addition, chicken and Jerusalem artichoke soup, and a potato dumpling with berries.

Image 6: Ocean's pleasures served in its bouillon
A colourful eye-appealing first course consisted of various seafood. A shellfish cream with fried onion surrounded by clam, lobster, seared scallop, and a crayfish tail topped with caviar, resting in a seafood broth with drops of tomato paste at the bottom.

Image 7: Minced lobster wrapped in filet of sander, accompanied by a fried slice of potato with spinach underneath and a touch of clams.
Marcel Deiss Engelgarten Bergheim, Alsace 2001

Image 8:

A refreshing Carrot and Ginger ice as a palate cleanser before the main course.

Image 9:
Foie gras two ways: sausage on the left, seared on the right, and a corn risotto in the middle. The sausage was interesting; the seared foie was perfectly executed with a thin crust; and the sweet corn provided an extra dimension of texture to the silky foie. A fabulous dish!

Image 10:
Saddle of venison served in blackcurrant sauce, pears and mushrooms
Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir, South Africa 2005

Image 11:
The service here was superb. As a souvenir, each diner had a customized menu with the date and substituted courses if any.

Image 12:
For the cheese course, a piece of Brie on the left and a Brie mousse wrapped in a layer of apple on the right.

Image 13:

Also, a baked Brie custard.

Image 14:
As a substitute for the cheese course, vanilla perfumed savarin, mint, and cherry sorbet.

Image 15:
Pre-dessert: A cup layered with almond cake, vanilla mousse, rose hip syrup, and a caramel rose hip stick.

Image 16:
Cloudberries cake, Cloudberries jelly, Cloudberries ice cream.
Chateau d'Arche, Sautuern 2001

Image 17:
Chocolate from cold to warm: white chocolate ice cream, milk chocolate mousse, chocolate with basil, and a "runny-centred" warm chocolate cake. An elaborate chocolate tasting to conclude an enjoyable meal!

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