Image 1: Chef: Jean-Louis Lieffroy
Le Grand (9-course): DKK 1650 Market (6-course): DKK 995
Open daily during summer. Closed Monday and Tuesday in other months.

Image 2: We relaxed a bit beside the fireplace after a long drive from Copenhagen. In Denmark, Michelin's coverage is only limited to Copenhagen. Otherwise, this 16th Century inn would definitely be another starred restaurant.

Image 3: Amuse Bouche were served in this cozy room. Cheese sticks, egg cream with sherry vinegar, and caramel popcorn.
Champagne 'Cuvee Speciale' Pierre Peters 1999

Image 4: And a quail egg bowl of quail eggs!

Image 5: Despite this old style room with ceiling dominated by wooden beams, the food here was actually very modern!

Image 6: Our first course was an interesting fried cod ball. Crunchy spherical shell with flaky cod inside.

Image 7: Followed by a generous portion of caviar surrounded by an arrangement of potato foam, parsley sorbet, lemon jelly, and tiny crisps garnish.
Guy Charlemagne Champagne Réserve Brut

Image 8: After we warmed up, both body and palate, the manager led us to the dining room.

Image 9: Langoustine with mango chutney and beet root underneath. The well-balanced savoury-sweet sauce consisted of lemongrass, soy sauce, and lime juice. It was paired with a glass of German Riesling with powerful bouquet on the nose.
Scharzhofberger, Egon Müller 1999

Image 10:
Sitting on top of a creamy porcini risotto was a pan fried sea bass with a mix of parsley sauce and a distinct peanut mayo.

Image 11: Fillet of 48-hour smoked cod topped by a mash and fried lotus root, finished off with a cream of potato and parsley. The cod was quite moist with a charcoal aroma. It was brilliantly paired with a unique white Burgundy with an intense smoky nose resembling gunpowder, bubble gum, and popcorn! What a genius pairing to go with the smoked cod!
CHEVALIER-MONTRACHET, Domaine Leflaive 1982

Image 12: Roasted foie gras resting on a bed of corn and rice with a thick balsamic sauce of raspberry, strawberry, and coffee. The deep balsamic with a touch of coffee was wonderful, but sweet corn was a poor choice to go with the fatty foie!

Image 13: Grilled duck breast and leg, served with pumpkin ball, tomato salsa, and pumpkin orange mash. This tough and dry duck breast was a bit disappointing. It was paired with a glass of Grand Cru from Bordeaux.
Château les Grandes Murailles Saint Emilion 2001

Image 14:
A refreshment of coconut and cheese sorbet. I like the originality of the chef!

Image 15:
Immediately, they rolled out a trolley with a large selection of cheese.

Image 16:
They quickly made up that disappointment by one final plate before the dessert - soft boiled quail eggs topped with black truffles. The classic truffle and egg combo is always a winner!

Image 17: The second dessert was much better - white and dark chocolate mousse dusted with pistachio garnished by a white chocolate flake perfumed with truffle oil! On the side were three types of brandy sorbet! A very innovative dessert with an intense and seductive truffle aroma to finish our meal.

Image 18: Lastly, a simple petit-four served with tea. The food here definitely met my expectation. The manager did show me their menu for other months. I was intrigued by how their cuisine adapted with the seasons. They basically have a different menu each month!

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