Image 1: Posted on the restaurant's website in July 2016:
"After 8 years on Lilla Nygatan 21, Restaurant Frantzén is now relocating for its next step."
This gallery is now for historical purpose only.

Image 3: "Råraka" with sour cream, vendace roe from Kalix, dill & dried onion

Image 4: Sea urchins from the Faroe Islands on grilled brioche with truffle, pumpkin & chicken skin

Image 5: Lingonberry & apple macaron with blood crème & foie gras. Dried duck jus & crispy apple with cress

Image 6: Oyster "30min", frozen gooseberry, dried salad, cold pressed rape seed oil & cream flavoured with elderflower

Image 7: Raw langoustine from the Faroe Islands with emulsion of the brain & liver with pine oil. Mexican sour gherkin & dill

Image 8: Horse sushi with crispy moss & frozen, raw liver

Image 9: Over baked bone marrow with smoked chestnut, Oscietra caviar & soured mushroom juice

Image 10: Fermented rye bread soup with acidulated milk & smoked pork fat

Image 12: Churned butter

Image 15: Scallop with truffle & eggs. Seaweed & mushroom broth

Image 20: “Satio tempestas”

Image 22: Swedish cod - Skin with cheek & horseradish. Dried yoghurt with reduced apple juice.

Image 24: Swedish cod - Loin with apple smoked roe, butter braised sweet onions. Crispy scales & glaze made from grilled bone with white soy.

Image 26: Summer black truffle (Tuber aestivum)

Image 27: "Hot pot" of autumn lamb, wild mushrooms, cabbage salad with roasted cauliflower & truffle bouillon

Image 33: Tomato marmalade with wild strawberries, white almonds, roses with tomato essences & rose ice cream

Image 34: Yeast ice cream, whipped ale, crème of gull eggs, dried raisins & dried egg yolk

Image 35: Bento box med "fika"

Image 36: Sea buckthorn marmalade with marjoram & black pepper / Ginger pastille with orange flower honey

Image 37: Pine macaron with lemongrass crème / Almond, apricot, carrot, toasted rape seed oil & dried girolle

Image 38: Blood orange rolled in lingonberry sugar / Fermented garlic fudge / Pumpkin & truffle paper

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