Image 1: Chef: Danyel Couet
Located in the Royal Academy of Art and opposite to the House of Parliament, it is one of the Sweden's most cutting edge cuisines.

Image 2: Tasting (7-course): SEK1095 Choice of Traditional or Innovative
À la carte menu: About SEK200 for starters and SEK400 for main.
Closed lunch Saturday and full day Sunday
Closed 4 weeks from mid-July and 1 week in Christmas.

Image 3: Amuse Bouche
Salt: Sea urchin with sea salt
Acidity - red pepper, crunchy black sesame, vinaigrette
Sweet - Foie gras with apple jelly

Image 4: At that time, they did two tasting menus - Traditional and Innovative. The Traditional menu was quite modern and the Innovative menu was actually adventurous!

Image 5: Innovative
LOBSTER - diced lobster sashimi combined with a mixture of cucumber, melon, mango, yuzu, caramelized hazelnut, then topped with mango sorbet and blanketed with a thin lobster broth jelly. Fresh, refreshing, fruity, exotic, sweet, crunchy... simply a beautiful combination of texture and flavour. Impressive!

Image 6: Traditional
HERRING - sour cream and caviar

Image 7: Innovative
OCTOPUS - a thin layer of octopus terrine covered in lime foam topped with fried "octopus rings" and octopus ink tapioca

Image 8: Traditional
SPLIT PEAS - pan fried langoustine resting in a pea puree and garnished with butter and fried mint

Image 9: Innovative
FARM EGG - the menu labelled this as braised beef cheek in Chinese style. It was basically beef cheek glazed with soya sauce. It came with fish sauce ravioli and tamarind. Not bad at all!

Image 10: Traditional
CHANTERELLES - wrapped inside a layer of duck jelly are foie gras and chanterelles terrine with Cumberland sauce, a redcurrant based sauce resembling the drink Ribena.

Image 11: Innovative
LEMON SOLE - "fish & chips" with curry aroma. It was a sole with cauliflower purée underneath and coated with crispy potato and seaweed on top.

Image 12: Traditional
TURBOT - velouté with oyster, mussel, clam, and asparagus. High quality of seafood!

Image 13: Innovative
A soup tureen with a self-squeezed noodle. It reminded us of WD-50.

Image 14: Innovative
WILD DUCK - Part 1: instant noodles

Image 15: Traditional
SIRLOIN STEAK - bordelaiseé with citrus and marrow. The meat was unique! It had a very fine texture followed by an intense fatty after taste! Haven't had such a good meat for a while.

Image 16: Innovative
WILD DUCK - Part 2: breast with foie gras and pumpkin

Image 17: Innovative
GOAT CHEESE - bonbon with rose vinegar and thyme

Image 18: Traditional
CAMEMBERT - figs with brioche

Image 19: Innovative
GOAT CHEESE - bonbon with rose vinegar and thyme

Image 20: Traditional
CAMPARI - frozen with orange. What a sensational version of the classic cocktail!

Image 21: Traditional
APPLE - soufflé with caramel and vanilla

Image 22: Innovative
LEMON - ice with caramelized sugar and olive. As expected, an imaginative dessert to wrap up the innovative tasting menu!
Overall, it was a very creative and entertaining meal. Definitely worth a visit.

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