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This visit was when they were still in The Regent before relocating to Hilton.

Image 2: We had a high expectation as Iggy's appears on many "best restaurants" lists, in Singapore, in Asia, and even in the world!

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Image 4: Since there were four of us having lunch there, we pretty much tried everything on the menu.

Image 5: Nice refreshing tomato soda to start. It came with a slice of tomato just to prove the drink was actually tomato juice but without its usual redness.

Image 6: Peppered beef tongue topped with a layer of tomato relish. We all liked the texture of the tongue.

Image 7: Seared blue fin tuna with baby leeks, gingerflower, soy and mirin dressing. Nice, but nothing too impressive.

Image 8:
Classic onion soup, gratinated cheese croutons. Just an ordinary soup.

Image 9:
Slow-cooked Petuna ocean trout, violet potato and avruga.

Image 10: Confit of duck leg, rosemary potato, mesclun. Probably the best course of the meal, but still, you could find this quality of dish at many places in the world.

Image 11: Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef rump, rosemary potatoes, mesclun salad. The meat was a bit on the tough side.

Image 12:
Home-made wagyu Iggy's burger with white truffle sabayon. Wagyu and truffle, the name was much more appealing than the actual taste!

Image 13: We tried both desserts: French toast with maple syrup ice cream and chocolate cylinder. The temperature contrast, the elegant maple syrup sweetness, the slight intensity from the chocolate, this was an excellent dessert!

Image 14:
And to finish this meal, a soufflé with vanilla ice cream and iced pina colada.

Image 15: How could this restaurant be listed on that many "best restaurants" lists? The meal was just alright, not great at all. What's great about Iggy's is not the food; it's probably their PR team!

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