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If you like stylish interior design, you will like this place.

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Located in the Esplanade, this restaurant offers contemporary Chinese cuisine.

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We came here directly from the airport, so we were not fancying a long meal.

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Do get a window seat if you want a view of the river and the Merlion.

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The most poetic restaurant menu we have ever seen, as labelled, it's a "Work of Art"!

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Each dish is associated with a phrase from ancient Chinese poems. Very creative!

Image 8: We basically followed suggestions from our waitress to sample their signature dishes.

Image 9: Amuse bouche even for Chinese cuisine: watermelon with mango, cucumber with garlic, quail egg with mashed corn.

Image 10: "Earthly Treasures, Heavenly Pleasures"
Pan-seared Bai Ling mushroom in truffle jus. Quite a tasty and meaty mushroom.

Image 11:
From the "To Warm the Soul" section, we got a "Dance of the Wind"

Image 12:
It's a double-boiled seafood consommé in young coconut. Flavourful soup carrying a strong coconut fragrance throughout the course.

Image 13: Paradise Found
Steamed whole Marble Goby in Hua-Diao wine and sliced ginger.
Excellent service here -- after showing us the whole steamed fish, they then removed bones for us on the side.

Image 14: Sauntering among the golden leaves
Crispy spiced pork rib in sun-dried tomato reduction. A touch of fusion here but it was a very delicious course.

Image 15: And finally, we had the Tropical Sunset as our rice dish - stir fried seafood with rice in abalone jus.

Image 16: We didn't have any appetite for desserts after a long flight.

Overall, it was an excellent Chinese meal, cool dining area, good location, and reasonably priced. Well recommended!

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