Image 1: We arrived here after a 45-min taxi ride, squeezing through Kuala Lumpur's packed traffic and heavy rain.

Image 2: A walk into a tropical rain forest.

Image 3: Chef: Som Khuan Wandee

Traditional Indochinese Village serving Khmer, Laos & Vietnam cuisine.

Image 5: A wall full of awards.

Image 8: The restaurant is like a big tree house and it's connected to a resort area with a few other restaurants.

Image 9: Prawn crackers while we were going through the menu.

Image 10: Our server then told us they were also serving a buffet (about USD$20) which had basically most of the items from the menu. So there was really no point of ordering à-la-carte (a main course alone was at least USD$10).

Image 11: A bit disappointing that we came all for way for a buffet. It wasn't a splendid buffet like Sukhothai, just a tiny one!

Image 12: Cambodian deep fried shrimp cakes
Saigonese shrimp crystal rolls
Saigonese stewed chicken with sesame
Beef Bekedel
Beef pomelo salad

Image 13: Loatian seafood and watermelon soup

Image 14: Vietnamese style shrimp fried rice
Phnom Penh-style chicken
Vietnamese stir fried lamb with mint and chili
Red snaper with tamarind spicy sauce

Image 15: At least they did have a dessert section offering various Indochinese sweets.
Ordinary food, very ordinary food! I don't think the buffet setting or the terrible weather had any impact on my judgement. Really, none of the items I wanted to encore!

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