Image 1:
Chef: Lionel Rigolet & Pierre Wynants
Tasting menu: €193 (7-course) €149 (6-course)
À la carte menu: About €50 appetizer and €70 main course
Closed on Sunday and Monday; and mid-July to mid-August

Image 2: This was by far the most uncomfortable fine dining we had. The tables were packed and people were almost shoulder-to-shoulder. We were actually sitting further away from each other than to the diners next to us. It was unavoidable we were having conversations throughout the meal with both tables on our left and right. Bizarre!

Image 3: This place held 3-star for 27 years before dropping to 2-star shortly after our visit. We started off this meal with a cheesy potato crisp and an olive and foie gras pâté.

Image 4: More amuse bouche - Pumpkin purée with dry-cured ham / Breaded prawn / Wild mushroom in thyme and lemongrass

Image 5: First course was sliced lobster tail with a touch of pepper oil decorated by drops of Provençal sauce. A pretty good start.

Image 6: A skewer of shellfish resting on a king crab ravioli with an intense crab consommé. Great texture from the shellfish and delicate flavour from the king crab. A magnificent course!

Image 7: Sautéed turbot accompanied by oysters wrapped in thinly sliced zucchini and bone marrow on toast. The lightly seasoned turbot was fabulous; the melting bone marrow was seductive; but the crunchy zucchini totally destroyed the silky oyster texture!

Image 8: For the meat, a generous portion of stewed veal cheek crowned with summer truffles and served with a crispy duck liver and mixed wild mushrooms.

Image 9: These juicy pieces of tender meat were already superb by itself, but the fragrance from the truffle brought it to other level. Definitely the best course of the evening.

Image 10: An interesting cheese course - glazed Roche Baron cheese with turnip and apple dusted with sesame seeds!

Image 11: For dessert, two lovely chocolate mousse cake with drops of raspberry sauce.

Image 12: And a traditional pancake with orange sauce garnished with fresh and caramelized orange.

Image 13: And finally a pomegranate jelly to finish the meal.

Image 14: Overall, the food was indeed very good. It was a shame that the tight dining area ruined our dining experience.

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