Image 1: Chef: Christian Lohse
Located inside the fancy Regent Hotel, this seafood restaurant is one of the best Michelin rated restaurants in Berlin as there is no Michelin 3-star in this city.

Image 2: Prestige Menu: 4-course €130 6-course €170
À la carte menu: About €40 for starter and €50 for main

Image 3: We each ordered a glass of Louis Roederer Rose 2002 to accompany the amuse bouche ratatouille with Arctic Char...

Image 4: and mushroom velouté, swordfish on lime jelly, and salmon roe on tomato with a touch of honey. Good ingredients here!

Image 5: First course, a terrine of foie gras with a thin smoked eel underneath, covered with a layer of black pepper caramel with jam of purple eggplants on the side. The smoky fragrance carried nicely throughout the dish!
Wiltinger Gottesfuss Riesling, Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Mosel 2006

Image 6: Unfortunately, the meal went downhill from here! The other starter was a grilled scampo resting on a bed of sweet corn.

Image 7: Then poured cream of sweet corn on top. The soup was nice, but the shrimp was definitely way too salty that we couldn't finish!

Image 8: For main, roasted Atlantic scallops with parsley purée, crispy lemon and Verjus with sweet cream butter. The white sauce was heavily dosed with vinaigrette; the parsley purée was overly concentrated; the scallop would have been much better by itself!

Image 9: The other choice of main was fried fillet of cod with whey of coriander and a strip of Borschtsch vegetables. This was the only course we could actually taste their seafood. The timing was good; not a bad course.
Wachenheimer Gerümpel Riesling, Dr.Bürklin-Wolf, 2002

Image 10: A very innovative pre-dessert of pepper sorbet with crushed coffee bean underneath, along with a coriander caramel mousse!

Image 11: And for dessert - almond milk custard crowned with gold leaf resting on a chilled quince soup. The custard was silky; the soup was refreshing; maybe a bit too light for a dessert from à la carte menu but it was wonderful.

Image 12: The other choice was creamy cashmere-curry ice cream, a rather intense flavour to finish our meal.

Image 13: That was the seafood meal - a seafood meal that I couldn't taste much of the seafood. The flavours of many courses were too intense smothering the true beauty of the seafood!

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