Image 1: Philippe Rochat has retired from the restaurant in 2012. Executive Chef Benoît Violier, who joined the team in 1996, is now running the restaurant. This article is for historical purpose only.

Image 2: We had a high expectation for this 3-star French restaurant after a 3-hour detoured drive to this small town called Crissier.

Image 3: We ordered two different tasting menus to sample all Chef Rochat had to offer.

Image 4: A colourful cartoon set of plates was used for the tasting menu.

Image 5: Menu I
"Tex-Mex" avocado with cactus oil
Interesting to have an American-Mexican canapé to begin a French meal.

Image 6: Menu II
Granny Smith ice with Osetra caviar
Whoa, our tongue was overwhelmed by the apple tartness.

Image 7: Menu I
Carpaccio of Saint-Jacques scallop
We couldn't taste the scallop as the dish had heavy dose of vinaigrette! Something was wrong at this place!

Image 8: Menu II
Drops of Pérou foie gras with gooseberry

Image 9: Menu I
Apple and celery velouté with Périgord black truffle
Once again, the dish was dominated by strong acidity. Terrible!

Image 10: Menu II
Crissier cardoon with Périgord black truffle
This was probably the best course of the evening.

Image 11: Menu I
Teppanyaki foie gras with cherry
Not a bad course either.

Image 12: Menu II
Saint-Jacques scallop with anise from Normandy
Did the chef even taste any of his own food? The vinaigrette simply killed the dish!

Image 13: Menu I
Fillet of Saint Gilles sole with lovage jus
A rather bland course.

Image 14: Menu II
Audierne Bay turbot naturally cooked with salted butter
This one had more flavour but still very ordinary.

Image 15: Menu I
Blue lobster from Irish Sea in broccoli cream
The lobster was beautifully timed. Glad to see a good dish after many disappointing ones.

Image 16: Menu II
Abalone from Morbihan and Sea Urchin from Ireland. Dishes from a 3-star restaurant should look good and taste even better. This place was the opposite! The shells led me a high expectation, but there was nothing inside the sea urchin shell other than the tasteless foam! What did he do with the sea urchin?!

Image 17: Menu II
The abalone was a bit better. Under the cloud of foam, there were at least three thin slices of abalone in garlic butter. Interesting eye-opener, but disappointing food.

Image 18: Menu II
Menu II had one more course than Menu I. It was a langoustine from Azores in an exotic ginger lemongrass sauce.

Image 19: Menu II
This course was much better than previous courses.

Image 20: Menu I and II
A main course for both of us.

Image 21: Rouen duckling in Acacia honey sauce

Image 22: The breast was served with roasted pear.
The server suggested an extra serving of duck leg IF we still have room after this.

Image 23: Since I was quite disappointed at the meal so far, to make my money and the 6-hour drive worthwhile, I decided to have the second serving of the legs even though I was a bit full.

Image 24: Menu I
Our server suggested an interesting cheese serving - a mild cheese served with olive oil and dust of mixed spice and pepper... my mistake of taking his advice, it was disgusting!

Image 25: Menu II
Selection of cheese from the cart.

Image 26: Menu I
"Ice milkshake" with passion fruit and cocoa

Image 27: Menu II
Cream custard with mandarin from Sicily

Image 28: Menu I
Orange crumble with sorbet

Image 29: Menu II
Pineapple coulis and mango pepper ice cream topped with a caramelized hazelnut

Image 30: Even the tea cup has this cartoon character!

Image 31: Petits Fours
At least they have a good selection of petits-fours. Sigh, €900 and 6-hour drive... I thought Michelin 3-star meant "worth a special journey"?!!

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