Image 1: Chef: Sergio Herman
6-course: €180 4-course: €130
À la carte menu: About €30 appetizer and €40 main course
Closed on Monday and Tuesday; a week in April, two weeks in June, and Christmas period.

Image 2: Amuse Bouche
Tuna cone with cucumber mousse. A nice start to this trendy modern seafood meal.

Image 3: Amuse Bouche
Razor clam with chopped chives. Love the texture!

Image 4: Amuse Bouche
A lovely tray of four types of delicately prepared fish. The presentation here was awesome.

Image 5: Amuse Bouche
Mackerel on a savoury egg custard and Sardine on toast topped with a cube of lime jelly.

Image 6: Amuse Bouche
Two rolled fatty tuna on pumpernickel and chopped crayfish on a walnut cake.

A very complicated but tasty set of amuse bouche!

Image 7: We ordered an extra course from the à-la-carte served before our tasting menu, an interesting foie gras three-way.
First: Two fragile buttery crisps filled with foie gras mousse dusted with nuts and pepper.

Image 8: Second: A frozen foie gras granite sitting on a diced mango salad with a crunchy sesame cracker surrounded by foie gras cream. Very unusual, which was what I expected from Chef Herman!

Image 9: Third: Pan fried foie gras with a beet crisp.
Simple seared foie gras but it was perfectly done!

Image 10: Finally, the first course of the meal: Sea bass packed in rice papers topped with combava marshmallow and the other one crowned with a piece of lobster tail. Marshmallow with fish was an odd combination.

Image 11: Nested in some fresh herbs were an artichoke tempura and a tail of langoustine with its juice. The seafood here was indeed very high quality.

Image 12: A palate cleanser before the main. Similar to those El Bulli’s glossy spheres, this one was wrapped with cream inside, shaved parmesan cheese on top.

Image 13: The first main dish was a piece of grilled sole on macaroni with a layer of spinach and slices of truffles in between.

Image 14: And the meat course was a roasted rack of beautifully timed Sisteron lamb, a well-known culinary region in southeast France, accompanied by three types of sauce: garlic & coriander, sun dried tomato and black olive. It was a very juicy piece of meat!

Image 15: If you want to stick with seafood, the other option was a pan fried cod with pumpkin crisp and seared scallop finished off with a drizzle of hazelnut oil.

Image 16: A bit of fun for the dessert. Look at the smoke from this deep frozen yogurt bowl!

Image 17: It was for the drops of frozen yogurt on top!

Image 18: Frozen mango custard with milk & white chocolate decorated by gold leaf and pistachio on the side.

Image 19: Next dessert was all about raspberry…
Fresh, granite, candy, and jam.

Image 20: Coconut jelly roll stuffed with stimulating sparkling candy along with yuzu ice cream and chocolate biscuit.

Image 21: Wow, like amuse bouche, the petits-fours was as elaborate.

Liquor foam and Drop (Dutch liquorice) lollipop

Image 22: And a full tray of goodies as a grand finale! Though we didn't order the full-blown tasting menu, it was much more extensive than what we have expected.

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