Image 1: Chef: Yves Mattagne
Located in Radisson SAS Hotel.

Image 2: À la carte menu: About €45 appetizer and €50 main course (except for Lobster Press)
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

If you love seafood, this place is a “must”. Even if you opt out for the lobster press, there are still many great seafood dishes from à la carte.

Image 3: As this restaurant is all about seafood, it wasn't a surprise that they welcomed us with a amuse bouche of seafood. Seared Tuna with couscous underneath accompanied by a tall shot glass containing sweet prawns sandwiched between a layer of egg custard on top and a layer of duck jelly at the bottom.

Image 4: The first course was already a winner! A skewer of two huge Dublin Bay prawns with pan fried foie gras in between, decorated with a fragile spiral carrot crisp surrounding a standing claw. Hidden underneath was cucumber ravioli resting in leek and coriander duck consommé. The fresh sweet prawns were perfectly timed to retain their moisture, along with the rich foie gras and the deep flavoured consommé, impeccable course!

Image 5: The other appetizer was Brittany lobster tail cooked in honey and spices, accompanied with sweetbread and a citrus fruit purée, finished off with an interesting vanilla and saffron sauce. The complex dish had multiple components of texture and flavour while preserving the focus on the true beauty of the seafood. Another incredible seafood dish here!

Image 6: The core of this meal was to experience the Christofle Lobster Press - only four existed in the world. The other three were in Christofle Museum, a restaurant in Paris, and another restaurant in Russia.

Image 7: This course was for two people at €22 per 100g. Not that you could order a small portion, you actually needed to order a whole lobster. We requested the smallest size, but still, about 1.5kg… Oh well, it wouldn’t be a cheap à-la-carte lunch after all!

Image 8: The idea of this Pressed Brittany Lobster was to squeeze out every single bit of the lobster shell to make a broth using the green tomalley and the shell of the lobster.

Image 9: This dish was definitely the highlight of the meal with a delicate lobster tail in an extremely intense broth and served with lobster roe fried rice. This luxurious course was all about lobster!

Image 10:

After the royal lobster treat, we were offered a selection of dessert from the fruit and ice Cream trolley.

Image 11: Chocolate mousse as a mini pre-dessert.

Image 12: Very classic dessert from the trolley. A simple lemon meringue pie...

Image 13: And profiteroles to conclude our meal.

Image 14: A sophisticated and high quality seafood cuisine. I enjoyed every single dish. The lobster press dish was expensive, but a fun eye-opener for the first time. I probably wouldn't do it again next time as it doubled the damage!

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