Image 1: The restaurant was connected to Tickets with a shared toilet area. On the night of our visit, Albert was at the door greeting every guest on arrival. They had a good collection of classic songs from many countries as background music which was in sync with the background theme casted out from the centre projector.

Image 4: Note that this restaurant will be transformed into the new restaurant Enigma in 2015.
The first establishment by the Adrià brothers since the closure of el Bulli was the Tickets - a restaurant with a ticket based booking system (i.e. prepaid when you book your time slot) where they served stylish tapas including some of the old classics from el Bulli.

Image 5: Everyone knew any restaurant from Ferran and Albert would turn out into a big hit and it proved to be the case because we failed to secure a reservation! All slots were immediately taken when the online booking opened the midnight two months ahead! However, realising their more intimate restaurant 41º still had one last slot left, we took it without hesitation. (Read on to find out how we got into Tickets at the end!)

Image 6: The restaurant name came from the latitude of Barcelona, 41º. The dining area was actually very small, a long bar counter and a few tables wrapped by a black leather top creating a mysterious ambience. Once we settled down, the food marathon began!

Image 7:
A cocktail of gin, lime, and vermouth was served along with an edible flower as a palate cleanser.

Image 8: A thin layer of Kaffir lime jello on Kaffir lime leaf. The idea was to put the whole leaf into the mouth and pull it out while leaving the jello on the tongue!

Image 9: They instructed us to drink this nectar like a hummingbird!
Cocktail of orange and guava juice with cherry amaretto meringue.

Image 10:
strawberry and almond

Image 11:
Camouflaged among the pearls was a black sesame ball.

Image 12:
Small disk of watermelon marinated in yuzu

Image 13:
Octopus cracker and tuna with wasabi

Image 14:
A set of shisha smoked tea cocktail

Image 15:
Gillardeau oyster soaked in tigernut milk with tigernut underneath

Image 16:
Two servings of Osetra caviar. First was a sweet and crunchy version with hazelnut.

Image 17:
Then a savoury version encased in artichoke skin with artichoke cream.

Image 18:
A cone of dried and fried mushroom filled with distilled mushroom broth inside!

Image 19:
A modern version of Raffaello (the coconut version of Ferrero Rocher) using parmesan instead of coconut.

Image 20:
A plate of "forest" contained four items - Hanging at the branch was a porcini mushroom leaf

Image 21:
And at the background was a raspberry rested on a raspberry casing, a pistachio coated in pistachio cream, and a leaf of blackcurrant dusted with powder of berries.

Image 22:
Rested on a bed of fried noodle was stuffed lily flower topped with pepperoni

Image 23:
Hollow baguettes wrapped with Iberico ham! Yes, the baguette only has a surface without bread inside!

Image 24: Two servings of white asparagus. First, "Snail", which was actually white asparagus with asparagus and miso soup inside the shell.

Image 25: Second serving was a piece of asparagus shaped like a cross section of a bone topped with bone marrow cooked in pork stock.

Image 26:
A modern version of the traditional Basque dish using just chicken and crayfish.

Image 27:
"Nordic snow" with baby carrot coated in a thin beetroot jello…

Image 28:
… and a thin beef cracker dusted with vinegar powder.

Image 29: A second serving of Bloody Mary sorbet was on a celery stick.

Image 30: A taste of Mexico served on a cactus. A piece of baby tuna filled with Bloody Mary sorbet and decored coriander stem.

Image 31:
A crystal ball of Mexican cocktail using amber agave syrup.

Image 32:
Taco garnished with prawn, herbs, and vegetable leaves.

Image 33:
"Sushi" but using meringue instead of rice!

Image 34:
Their version of a Peruvian cocktail pisco sour

Image 35:
… with ceviche on the side.

Image 36:
Now onto Chinese. Peking duck in hoisin sauce but with bagel instead of pancake!

Image 37:
A piece of cured beef on potato soufflé with drops of red wine sauce.

Image 38:
They even brought us to Vietnam! A rice paper roll with fish sauce and bitter leaf. By far the worst item of the night!

Image 39:
Finally finished the main section of the meal with a cute set of Vietnam style afternoon tea. Pork bun and mushroom consommé instead of tea.

Image 40:
A parmesan macaron with raspberry mustard as the cheese course.

Image 41:
Then a cube of sweet potato and kumquat garnished with olive oil pearls.

Image 42:
A cone of quinoa maki with soy sauce ice cream

Image 43:
Inside these black egg shells was a sweet egg sabayon

Image 44:
Ice cream ball of berries

Image 45:
Indian dessert - chai lassi

Image 46:
Cream puff topped with raspberry

Image 47:
Mango stuffed peach and cardamom foam

Image 48:
Lemon pie cupcake

Image 49:
"Ferrero Rocher"

Image 50:
Last but not least, the 3-hour marathon concluded with a cute chocolate "trunk"!

Image 51: A copy of the menu was provided to us. Almost every item of the meal was delicious and we were very impressed with the complex execution each creation! However, we were still hungry so we asked the manager for the possibility of getting two seats at Tickets next door. Yes, hard to believe, although we failed to secure a reservation, we managed to get a table there last minute and we continued our dinner at Tickets after 40+ courses!

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