Image 1: 16 Feb 2011: Santi Santamaria passed away in Singapore at the age of 53.

Image 2: Quite a stylish dining room dominated by glass panels.

Image 3: The meal began with an impressive set of amuse bouche - Snail, Octopus, Potato, Fish, Quail Egg, and Clam.

Image 4: The first course was a scoop of crab meat on a crab and cheese panna cotta. Delicate crab flavour, silky panna cotta, what a great start!

Image 5: Followed by an elegantly plated clam on green pea purée. Clam and green pea, not a typical combo, but it worked beautifully.

Image 6: A deep fried frog leg served on a bed of couscous. The skin was crispy, the meat was soft, and with the hint of aromatic spice. it was another great dish.

Image 7: Fried onion at the bottom, stacked on top white asparagus, then crowned with caviar, and finished with beurre blanc. We really enjoyed the food here!

Image 8: What a combination! Black truffle and foie gras, two of my favourites! It's difficult for this dish to go wrong. Resting in a black truffle sauce was gnocchi and diced foie gras. Not overly rich, not overly powerful, it was a magnificent dish!

Image 9: Fried baby octopus with baby asparagus and green bean. The soft-crunchy texture of these tiny octopus was awesome!

Image 10: This was probably the least favourite course of the meal. Pan-fried turbot with cod tripe and fish oil sauce.

Image 11: An unusual main course of blood sausage and artichoke covered in strands of black truffle with a drizzle of truffle sauce. Wonderful flavours but I didn't enjoy the texture at all.

Image 12: A raspberry sorbet before the dessert. A very fruity dessert with pomegranate and strawberry.

Image 13: I don't think I had a more simple dessert in a 3-star restaurant. A mint chocolate with white chocolate ice cream.

Image 14: Similar to amuse bouche, an elaborate set of petits-fours to wrap up our meal.

Image 15: More petits-fours. They definitely make sure we don't leave without a full stomach!

Image 16: And one last bite. The first half of the meal was spectacular, but the second half failed to keep up with the standard. Still, it was a top quality meal worth a revisit.

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