Image 1: Chef: The Roca brothers (Joan, Josep, and Jordi)
Surprise: €95 Tasting: €78 Seasonal: €55
À la carte menu: About €20 appetizer and €25 main course (7% tax in addition)
Closed on Sunday and Monday, two weeks in July, and Christmas.

Image 2: We ordered the Tasting menu. It is not expensive compared to other Michelin 2-star. The service was mediocre. After I took a 10min mid-meal break in their lounge, my finished plate was still there and my napkin was still as it was.

Image 3:
Zucchini with tea jelly / Caramelized Olive / Baby carrot pot / Fried Cod
Bitter orange and beet root jelly.

Image 4:

Baby carrot from the pot.

Image 5: Clam in a herbal mousse - Definitely too salty; hardly can taste the clam
Foie truffle jelly - Lightly salted; nice aroma
Duck pate orange jelly - Intense duck flavour with a good balance of citrus

Image 6: All plates used throughout the meal were BVLGARI with black and gold rim.
The first few courses were paired with EdetAdra 2004 D.O. terra Alta - Orangey yellow, very weak on the nose

Image 7: Cold cherry soup with prawn and ginger ice cream
Strong acidic cherry dominated the entire dish. You could feel the texture of the prawn but its taste was all covered up by cherry. There were two cherries wrapped inside a cherry jelly.

Image 8: Artichoke with sunflowers and orange
An artichoke custard base with a dark brown pine nut layer, topped by a few fried artichokes and small bits of orange. The sweet pine nut puree offered a nutty richness - an interesting combination with the fruity orange.

Image 9: Aubergine soufflé cooked on embers with sardine
This was the best dish of the day. The fishy sardine blended surprisingly well with the creamy aubergine soufflé. The cooked caviar had a weird texture though.

Image 10:

Skate with fennel and green olive

Image 11: Pork leg with melon, grapefruit and ficoide glaciale
The crispy roasted pork skin was definitely up to the Chinese BBQ pork standard. It had a thin layer of fat but not overwhelming. The combination with sweet melon, that you wouldn’t be able to find in any Chinese restaurant, worked brilliantly. I could easily have one more of this dish!
This dish was paired with a glass of red from this region - Castillo Perelada Finca Malaveina 2001 – a very light red with a cherry aroma.

Image 12: DKNY perfume
Yes, perfume. A dish composed of mini balls of apple, pineapple, melon and ice made with flower and lime. The combination of all these ingredients in a certain proportion mimics the DKNY perfume.

Image 13:
After this course, you were provided with a paper cone of that particular DKNY fragrance. It was close, but the real perfume was obviously more floral. Impressive!

Image 14: Lactic Dessert
Cream, yogurt, goat cheese, cotton candy with a sweet caramel at the bottom.

Image 15: Petits-Fours
White chocolate with herb and orange
Raspberry coated with sugar
Chocolate with berry seeds

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