Image 1: Chef: Martin Berasategui

Image 2:
The Great Degustation: €175 (11-course)
À la carte: €45 for starter and €60 for main.
Closed Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday. Closed from mid-Dec to mid-Jan.

Image 3: The restaurant is a mansion. I like the look of this place a lot. And in the menu, the year of creation is indicated for every course!

Image 4:
Amuse Bouche
2002 Creamy Fried Potato Croquets

Image 5: 1995 Millefeuille of smoked eel, foie gras, green apple
2007 Oak smoked paprika ice

It was an excellent starter. No wonder it has been on the menu for more than a decade.

Image 6: 2006 Oyster with watercress, rocket and apple chlorophyll
Lemon grass and fennel cream with oxalis acetosella

Image 7: The menu here was already the most expensive one around the area, but we still had to pay a supplement of €40 for this dish - 2007 "Tarama" of Motril prawn and caviar with curry and cucumber custard. But it wasn't even good! Very disappointing!

Image 8: 2007 Roast scallop with seaweed caviar, green tomato jelly
Lemon and basil sorbet, citrics foam

Image 9: 2006 Sea urchin custard with soya sprout
Coffee cream, cinnamon and curry

I didn't enjoy the fact that all courses we had so far were cold dishes.

Image 10: There should have been a warm dish of seared foie gras, but the manager told us last minute that they didn't have foie that day and he would serve us a course with black truffles instead. Unfortunately, we only found a few mushrooms covered in a herby foam without any trace of truffle! We got ripped off big time!

Image 11:
2001 Squid soup, creamy squid ink ravioli

Served with squid crouton

Image 12: 2002 Vegetable hearts salad with seafood
Cream of lettuce hearts and idionized juice

I was surprised to see another chilled dish but the complex combination was lovely!

Image 13:
2007 Roast seabass with sprouts
Accompanied with capers and "mango noodle" with shellfish broth

Image 14: 2006 Roasted lamb cutlet and gizzard with beetroot
Both main courses were very average.

Image 15:
It was served with Idiazabal cheese and lamb juice on the side.

Image 16: 2007 Blood orange and green apple
Black olive sand and frozen flakes

Green apple sorbet resting on blood orange juice, very odd!

Image 17: 2007 Creamy coffee ice cream
Soft hazelnut and chocolate cake with whisky ice shavings

The coffee ice cream with chocolate was great but the frozen whisky ice was a distraction.

Image 18: Petits-fours to end this upsetting meal. Sad to say but I really couldn't find a course which impressed me. One of the worst 3-star meals ever!

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