Image 1: Chef: Carme Ruscalleda
One of the few female Michelin 3-star chefs. She also has a restaurant in Japan.

Image 2: Closed Sunday evening, Monday, and Thursday lunch.
Closed 3 weeks in May and 3 weeks in Nov.

Image 3: Degustation Menu: €146 (8+ courses)
À la carte: €45 for starter and €45 for main.
Spacious elegant dining room with a view of the garden by the sea.

Image 4: We were 3 hours late for our reservation as our route map took us to the wrong town! Fortunately, after a short discussion with the manager, he allowed us to dine, but à-la-carte only. Fair enough!

Image 5: A lot of eye-openers during the meal. Many dishes had some sort of tableside plating before serving. Even our bread, they had to bring out a small trolley and cut each slice in front of us.
After browsing through the menu, we could pretty much create most of the dishes in the tasting menu.

Image 6:

They handed out a pamphlet outlining the amuse bouche.

Image 7: Amuse Bouche
Olive spread for bread

Image 8:
Cheese with vegetables

Image 9:
Octopus, peas, ink

Image 10:

It was a very stylish set of amuse bouche.

Image 11: Our first course, Caramote and Marine Curd with salicornia, cacao vinaigrette, flowers and leaves. A dish full of texture!

Image 12: A beautiful cousrse! European Lobster Paella decorated with mangetout, peas, and peas flower. A very delicious course. I was glad that we made it to this restaurant at the end!

Image 13: Our main course, Sea bass "Smoked 10 seconds" with maple wood, syrup and ketchup, stuffed with Swiss chard leaves. Of course they had to perform the 10-sec smoking before serving us the fish.

Image 14: The other main course we had was Laminated Cod potato, cabbage, garlic and oil sauce. There was no explanation of what "laminated" meant.

Image 15:

Cool. There was a pamphlet for the cheese course.

Image 16: For dessert, we ordered a Post and a Solar System.
Post: Part 1 - Mail
This must be the most beautiful dish from all of our dining experiences! Impressive artwork!

Image 17:

The crispy envelope was able to stand on its own. What a mind-blowing creation!

Image 18:
This masterpiece definitely deserved another picture!
Her postal code was written on the plate.

Image 19: Post: Part 2 - Email
The email address of Carme in Japan! She came out and explained to us that she has been travelling very often between Japan and Spain in order to manage both restaurants. This Post - Mail/Email course intended to illustrate the communication between the two restaurants across the world.

Image 20:
For Solar System, they gave us a pamphlet outlining the complex dessert!

Image 21:
Solar System: Part 1 - Planets with spicy sun!

Image 22: Solar System: Part 2 - Heavenly Bodies with eclipse

This two-part solar system course was spectacular for the eyes only!

Image 23: Micro-menu
Another pamphlet was given to us. This one outlined the Petits-Fours.

Image 24:

Image 25:

Image 26:

Image 27:
We expected a simple 3-course à-la-carte, but it turned out to be an elaborate and sophisticated meal with lots of eye-entertaining wonders!

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