Image 1: Yes, hard to believe, though we failed to secure a reservation, we got a table here last minute and we continued our night at Tickets after 40+ courses at 41º!

Image 2: The atmosphere was completely different here - casual, loud, and colourful!

Image 3: The Adrià brothers wanted to provide an amusement park feel to the diners and it worked pretty well. Not only did we enjoy our casual second dinner very much, it seemed everyone there was having a really fun time! Since we were hungry but not starving, we asked our waitress to select just ten (yes, just ten) popular tapas for us for us to sample!

Image 4: Started off with a classic from el Bulli - "olives". A demonstration of their spherification techniques.

Image 5: Cheese foam encased in crispy shell topped with cheese

Image 6: Oyster on its shell smothered in olive oil jello

Image 7: Avocado cannelloni with crab, dill jello and greek yoghurt on top

Image 8: Orange salad with mint and olive oil

Image 9: A colourful plate of razer clams with tomato and anchovies

Image 10: Deep fried local fish with parsley and avocado sauce

Image 11: Foie gras with corn, onion, and rosemary

Image 12: King mushroom "spaghetti" and parmesan. The mushroom has been cut to mimic strands of spaghetti!

Image 13: For the meat course, we had a hotpot of duck tartare

Image 14: ... with sourdough crisp

Image 15: Followed by Iberian ham, potato and paprika

Image 16: One more before dessert - Char siew (Chinese BBQ pork) with jaw of pork, mustard and mozzarella

Image 17: Interestingly, a whole orange was served as dessert…

Image 18: … which opened up into marinated orange on one side and orange sorbet on the other!

Image 19: The last item for our extended dinner was "Tickets cork" made of coffee sponge cake with chocolate inside!

Image 20: Finally, the bill represented in a Paellero (a spice mix used for cooking paellas) tin can. I still couldn’t believe we had over 50+ items that night! Similar to 41º, we enjoyed pretty much all of the items. el Bulli had many conceptual courses that didn't work, but here, they only served the ones that worked. Stylish, creative, and truly delicious food!

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