Image 1: A Grade II listed townhouse off Regent Street at the heart of London is the only place in UK to experience the molecular cuisine of Pierre Gagnaire, a 3-star chef in Paris.

Image 2: This place is stylish!

Image 3: It has a few different dining areas. Parlour is an exquisite coffee area where they serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

Image 4: The Gallery on the ground floor is really an art gallery during day time but turns into a trendy restaurant at night.

Image 5: A visit to the East Bar for a pre-dinner drink is a must!

Image 6: And don't miss the "egg-shell" toilet area for men!

Image 8: And for the ladies!

Image 10:
Another area is The Glade where only lunch is being served.

Image 11: We booked a table in the formal dining room.

Image 12: This is the glamorous Lecture Room!

Image 13: Stunning!

Image 14: It has a Library for small private function.

Image 16: A luxurious Swarovski Restroom!

Image 18: We have been here for dinner many times but first time for lunch. For just £35, it is definitely good value for money!

Started with cumin cracker...

Image 19: Enough about the dining room. We were lucky that Chef Gagnaire was here that day recording a TV show. Our quick lunch consisted of various amuse bouche, 4 starters, a choice of main, then 3 desserts plus petits-fours!

Image 20:
... with tuna paste.

Image 21:

Warm blue cheese ball with pear

Image 22:

Dipping for the cheese ball

Image 23:

Sea bass sashimi wrapped in Thai leaf

Image 24:

A crumbly cookie topped with mascarpone and radish

Image 25: Finally a foamy chestnut soup to wrap up the amuse bouche session! It was an impressive set of amuse bouche - complex combination of flavours and textures! You got to have an adventurous mind to appreciate Gagnaire's food!

Image 26:
Now the starters, fried pigeon leg with cranberries and onions purée.

Image 27:

Pumpkin velouté with braised cabbage and an interesting blue potato ice cream at the bottom.

Image 28: Rabbit fillet with rosemary sable, radicchio fondue, and caramelised olives with parmesan.

We already had ten dishes before the main course! A sensational meal so far!

Image 29:
The fish option for main was roasted Pollock in seaweed butter resting on a bed of green cabbage with razor clams and lemon sauce. The fish was very good but the crunchy cabbage and razor clams with a touch of lemon acidity was awesome!

Image 30:
The meat option of the week was a confit rump of lamb with mushroom and carrot in coconut and green curry. Tender meat that was beautifully cooked with pink centre along with an exotic sauce. An amazing dish!

Image 31:
Now for dessert. First came the honey panna cotta with a streusel underneath topped by clementine.

Image 32:

Then a refreshing lemon tart with fresh coriander covered in a thin disk of soft meringue.

Image 33:

Finally, a passion fruit jelly topped with an orange sorbet and a gingerbread stick.

Image 34: But that wasn't it! To conclude our lunch, they served us tea along with petits-fours composed of white chocolate parfait with rum, a tiny chocolate cup with passion fruit, sugar-coated raspberry, chestnut, Turkish delight, and a thin chocolate topped by raisin, pecan, hazelnut, pistachio, and walnut!

Image 35: I came in with an expectation of a simple 3-course lunch but left with a numbed palate after experiencing all the sophisticated combinations of flavours and textures! Sketch is more than a mind-blowing cuisine; it is a unique place for a trendy food & art experience!

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