Piazza Duomo, Italy » Soup crisp with seaweed powder
Waku Ghin, Singapore » Botan shrimp / Sea urchin
Ledonyen, Paris » Baby cabbage jelly
L'Enclume, England » Cod "yolk" (cod mousse in saffron sphere) / garlic emulsion / salt & vinegar powder
Le Calandre, Italy » Apricot / Watermelon / Mango / Almond "tofu"
Tippling Club, Singapore » "Tablets for cheesecakeholics"
The Ritz London, London » Raspberry tartlet
Sra Bua, Thailand » Green papaya spring roll
Le Bernardin, NYC » Lobster / Sauce Americaine

Memorable Meals 2010-2019

My most memorable meals from my 2000 restaurant experiences during the past decade.
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Nov 2019Caprice***, Hong Kong

High quality French cuisine with a view over Hong Kong harbour.
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Oct 2019Le Louis XV***, Monaco

Is still a place for very special occasions!
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Sept 2019Barrafina*, London

Bustling atmosphere with delicious food. Long queues but worth it!
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July 2019Mingle**, Seoul

“New Asian Cuisine” with Korean and European influences
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May 2019King's Joy (京兆尹), Beijing

Certainly the best vegetarian meal I've ever had!
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Feb 2019Steirereck**, Austria

An uninspiring meal served by an unpassionate team of staff!
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Dec 2019Frantzén***, Sweden

The ultimate Michelin 3-star experience!
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Nov 2019Jade Dragon(譽瓏軒)***, Macau

This is one of the few Chinese restaurants that I would consider worthy of Michelin 3-star!
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Oct 2019Mirazur***, France

Revisiting this year's World's Number 1 and Michelin 3-star!
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Aug 2019Atelier***, Germany

An elaborate cuisine with meticulous attention to detail. Well deserved Michelin 3-star!
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June 2019Born & Bred, Seoul

The Holy Grail of Hanwoo beef!
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Mar 2019Sushi Ryu (鮨隆)*, Taipei

Michelin 1-star sushi in Taipei.
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Jan 2019La Tour d'Argent*, Paris

This iconic restaurant is the Mecca of French cuisine!
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