Piazza Duomo, Italy » Soup crisp with seaweed powder
L'Enclume, England » Cod "yolk" (cod mousse in saffron sphere) / garlic emulsion / salt & vinegar powder
Le Calandre, Italy » Apricot / Watermelon / Mango / Almond "tofu"
Tippling Club, Singapore » "Tablets for cheesecakeholics"
The Ritz London, London » Raspberry tartlet
Sra Bua, Thailand » Green papaya spring roll
Waku Ghin, Singapore » Botan shrimp / Sea urchin
Le Bernardin, NYC » Lobster / Sauce Americaine

May 2016Sühring, Thailand

Innovative German cuisine by the Sühring twin chefs!
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Apr 2016Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée, Paris

Every diner deserves to be pampered once in a while!
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Mar 2016Story, London

A former public toilet is now one of the most exciting restaurants in town!
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Feb 2016The Square, London

Michelin 2-star in Mayfair for almost two decades - and still great!
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Nov 2015Damon Baehrel, New York

Yes, he the chef, but also the waiter, dishwasher, cheesemaker, forager, and grower. Wow!
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Sept 2015Kitcho Arashiyama (吉兆 嵐山), Kyoto

The Mecca of kaiseki!
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June 2015Quique Dacosta, Spain

An experience in cutting-edge cooking!
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Apr 2016Le Cinq, Paris

I think they deserve a 4th Michelin star!
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Apr 2016Ledoyen, Paris

This lunch menu didn't do justice to Chef Yannick's talent.
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Feb 2016The Ledbury, London

Brett Graham is still one of the best chefs in the country!
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Jan 2016Fook Lam Moon (福臨門), Hong Kong

More than just a place for the rich to flaunt their wealth!
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Oct 2015Fujiya 1935, Osaka

3-star?! Michelin got this one wrong - big time!
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July 2015Indian Accent, New Delhi

Chef Manish is surely reinventing Delhi's dining scene!
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Apr 2015Alancha, Istanbul

The forefront of Anatolian cuisine!
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